FOX Renew/Cancel: Preseason Predictions

Welcome to the FOX Renew/Cancel Watch column. I'm Jessica, and I will be writing the FOX Renew/Cancel column this season in addition to the CW Renew/Cancel columns. Unlike the CW, FOX is little bit harder to predict because streaming deals are not as big of a priority as with the CW. But I digress. Let's examine each prediction for the seven scripted shows on the list without an announced final season or a renewal.
Certain Renewal
Bob’s Burgers
Likely Renewal
Family Guy
Likely Renewal
The Resident
Likely Renewal
Almost Family
Leans Renewal
Prodigal Son
Leans Renewal
Bless the Harts
Leans Cancelation
The Simpsons
Final Season
9-1-1: This show will be in season 3, and is one of the highest rated shows on the network. This marks the show as certain to be renewed for another season. Ratings may depend on the placement, but I really do not see it going anywhere anytime soon. 

Bob's Burgers, Family Guy: The animated comedies that make up Animation Domination rely on different production schedules than the typical scripted show. Neither show is not likely to get the axe this year, so relax.

The Resident: The show will be in season 3, and usually rates as steady as it can be in the high fractionals. It was renewed over Star, with similar ratings due to expenses. My guess is that it will likely get renewed again. But we will wait and see.

Almost Family, Prodigal Son: At least one of these shows will get canceled this year and FOX has a deeper bench in the drama department. They lean renewal now, but these will likely change once they premiere.

Bless the Harts: With The Great North and Duncanville on the bench, Bless the Harts is more vulnerable to cancelation than the new dramas on the list, simply because new dramas can premiere on Thursday night after the conclusion of Thursday Night Football midseason. Animation Domination is on Sunday nights. Because Sunday Night Football numbers inflate the animated lineup, the rookie is typically one of the first to get the axe. That's why I have it at leans cancelation.

And as always, preseason predictions will likely change once the FOX lineup premieres. Sound off in the comments below!

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