Jess’s Take: FOX’s Twitter Spills the Tea, and It’s Fractional Monday For the Other Networks

Welcome to a long overdue Jess's Take, where I give my take on what is happening in the world of television. With a new season comes a new overdue logo for the column. Premiere week is underway, and a lot of news is going on. So, I will provide my take for what is going on.

1. FOX Twitter Account
Is anyone seeing what is going on with FOX? Case in point, here are some of the tweets.

We don't know what FOX is doing but we are living for this. This comes on the heels of FOX taking second place last night, plus it being the only network that did not have a single show premiering fractional. Do you, FOX. Do you.

2. The Other Networks
CBS Monday, y'all. What a mess. With The Neighborhood premiering fractional, Bob Hearts Abishola retaining that 0.9 in finals, and All Rise premiering to a 0.7, lower than anything Magnum, P.I. did in the seasonal average. ABC's Dancing with the Stars, or I should say Tumbling, tumbled to a 0.8, which is still somewhat solid on the network. The Good Doctor premiered to a 1.0. Let's see the week 2 numbers next week, folks! We're in for another decline. Bluff City Law on NBC looks like The Brave rather than a Manifest. Already, it's prime candidate for the first cancelation. And you can't blame CW on this, they are sitting this one out. It feels like this is a disaster movie waiting to happen, but honestly, let's wait long term. Relative ratings throughout the rest of the week are a better indicator of what the week is like. And let's wait on week 2 before making a judgment call.

If you have anything in the comments to say, sound it off! Make sure to catch my podcast Jessica's Show on Fridays for the tea on the rest of the week.

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