CBS Renew/Cancel Week One: Here We Go!

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The first week of the 2019-2020 television season is complete, so let us take a look at where CBS fall crop landed in the return of CBS Renew/Cancel!
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss-Up for Renewal
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed

All Rise
The Unicorn
Bob <3 Abishola
Blue Bloods



Magnum PI

Second Act

Hawaii Five-0


The Neighborhood
Unlike last season, where I waited at least two episodes to predict the future of freshman series, we will kick things off right away for all new series! This will continue throughout the year, as I hope to make a few more predictions with less ratings data. After all, that is part of the fun!

(Also, apologies for the random bold font throughout. Formatting shows it as normal, but once it is posted, it changes to bold.)

Debuting its second season, The Neighborhood returned to a new series low 0.9, which led into a 0.9 for the series premiere of Bob <3 Abishola. While that 0.9 rating looked rough on premiere night, it was good enough for both comedies to rate as the #2 comedies on CBS this week. Unless things completely fall apart, both are starting off as Certain to be Renewed. Meanwhile, things were less than ideal for new drama All Rise. The legal drama kicked off with a 0.7, a rather blah result for a series premiere. Not only that, but it tied the season premiere of Bull at 10pm. Ratings will quickly have to turn around for All Rise, because right now it is Likely to be Cancelled. Bull starts off with a rather positive Likely to be Renewed, a much better place than where it spent most of last season.

NCIS returned in a rather mammoth fashion, rating as the number one CBS series during the week (Monday-Friday). Its 1.3 result was down only 9% from the prior season, when most shows fell at least 20%-30% in their fall debuts. Unless Mark Harmon wants to call it quits, NCIS is Certain to be Renewed. The rest of the Tuesday lineup, with FBI and NCIS: New Orleans was not as pretty. FBI kicked off season two with a 0.9 - a similar number to what it had been doing in most of season one. At 10, NCIS: New Orleans came back with a meager 0.7. As of right now, both are Certain to be Renewed, barring any major collapses (more so for NCIS: New Orleans).

CBS aired the season premiere of Survivor and season finale of Big Brother on Wednesday. This feature does not predict the fates of reality series. Next week we get the season premiere of SEAL Team at 9 and SWAT moving to its new night (at the same time as the previous two seasons).

Without The Big Bang Theory leading off the night, Thursday got off to a less than stellar start. Young Sheldon returned to a series low 1.1 in its new timeslot. While that result is ugly, it was good enough to tie Modern Family for the second highest rated comedy on the week. Young Sheldon has already been renewed for a fourth season, so this is its final mention of the season. The Unicorn had a 'meh' premiere, with a 0.8 following Young Sheldon. It is not a great result, but its not a flat out bomb either (at least yet). Unlike most of the other newbies here, I need some more data before making a prediction and it starts off as a Toss Up. As of now, The Unicorn is looking closer to cancellation than renewal. Mom also returned to a series low 0.8 in its 9 o'clock home. No fear though, Mom has already been renewed for an eighth season, so this is the first (and only) time we will mention it this season too. Carol's Second Act premiered with a 0.7 at 830, holding most of its Mom lead in. While an 0.7 is an ugly start, I would not count it out just yet. For now, it starts as Likely to be Renewed, although L+3 and numbers from upcoming weeks will make or break its case for staying there. CBS' third new series on the night, Evil, had the worst start of the freshman bunch. The acclaimed drama drew an 0.6 for its premiere (too bad it was not .666). Unless CBS is absolutely in love with it, there really is no reason to expect it back for another go-around. Evil starts its run as Likely to be Cancelled.

At one time, CBS could easily rely on Friday to make up some of the disappointing numbers across the rest of the week. That time seems to be slowly coming to an end. Hawaii Five-0 kicked off its new timeslot with a very respectable 0.7 - the highest rated drama on the night. Now in its tenth season, things could be coming to an end soon. Ratings tell me otherwise, so it starts off the season as Likely to be Renewed. Magnum P.I. moved to Friday and looked ugly doing it. Half hours show it in the unrounded .5's - which was enough to bring Blue Bloods down to a .6 for its premiere. This should have been the ideal timeslot for Magnum and it did itself no favors. The Friday run of Magnum P.I. begins as Likely to be Cancelled - and waiting for MacGyver to take over Friday nights once more. The previously aforementioned Blue Bloods is still Certain to be Renewed, even with a series low opening. If ratings fall further, look for it to make some moves too.

So how do you think CBS performed this week? Are there any complete misses in our predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

Officially Cancelled/Ended
Officially Renewed
Criminal Minds

Young Sheldon

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