Off Topic -- Summer 2019 Thread

We are ushering a new era of Off Topic, folks! This is the official summer 2019 thread for Off Topic. Let's discuss away!

Week 1 (May 24): We are ushering in some new features for TVRG this summer. Season 1B of Writer's Block is coming next Thursday, while season 2B of Network will premiere this Sunday. Now, let's get on with the show!
Week 2 (May 31): Oh my! Summer is a time where pool parties, weddings, and everything under the sun happens. I know that by the time this is published and onto the front page that I am writing this. A few things: this thread will be updated per week. Second thing, I am preparing new Cable Renew/Cancel entries. More to come soon! Let's continue away!
Week 3 (June 7): Nothing happened much in the way of summer this week. Let's discuss away!
Week 4 (June 14): Hello peoples! It's Friday, and time for an update to this thread. Let's discuss away!
Week 5 (June 21): It's Friday folks! Welcome to a new week of OT! Let's discuss away!
Week 6 (June 28): It has been a long week, but a new week starts! Let's discuss away!
Week 7 (July 5): The month of July’s here already? Wow. Let’s discuss away!
Week 8 (July 12): Another week shows up. Let’s discuss away!
Week 9 (July 19): Some big news this past week happened, including a bleak Netflix Q2 earnings report. Since it's Friday, we ended up on week 9. Let's discuss away!
Week 10 (July 26): It's Friday, and this means we have another Off Topic update! Let's discuss away!
Week 11 (August 2): Already, it is August. In this thread, we have officially endured 11 weeks. Let's discuss away!
Week 12 (August 9): We have officially entered week 12 of Off Topic, and it is time for another update. I will be have the August TV Update soon on Pop Culture Cosmos. It is juicy, indeed. For now, let's discuss away!
Week 13 (August 16): I will be on three episodes of Pop Culture Cosmos. One on today's show and two next week, both on the Monday and Friday show. This is the important news coming since it is Week 13. Let's discuss away!
Week 14 (August 23): We are a month away from premiere week. Baseball and football are kicking in high gear at the moment, or will be in the next few weeks. Let's discuss away!
Week 15 (August 30): Even though I am reposting today (August 31) on a Saturday, we are getting close to Labor Day. It's been a crazy summer. Let's discuss away!
Week 16 (September 6): It's a week since Labor Day and I'm recording episode 2 of my podcast. Let's discuss away!
Week 17 (September 13): This is the final week of the summer season, and consequently, the Off Topic thread for the summer. Stay tuned to see if OT makes a comeback for the fall season. Let's discuss away.

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