Marietta Season 1 Episode 22 - Faith

 Marietta Season 1, Episode 22

Tammy is driving Marietta to her polling place to vote in the election, along with Milton and Maria.
Marietta: Guys, today’s a really big day for us.
Tammy: Oh, it is? I didn’t think anything was happening today.
Marietta: I detect a little sarcasm there. I don’t appreciate it.
Maria: Oh my god I think I’m gonna pop!
Tammy: Just don’t do it in my car. 
Marietta: Maria, you should have stayed at home with your fiancé and his grandparents. That sounds like fun.
Maria: Oh, I could never stay home not vote for you, Marietta. It’s too important. 
Milton: It really isn’t that important. She’s got this in the bag. Thanks to dad’s ad campaign, polls have her at a comfortable 58%.
Tammy: People said the same thing about Kate in the 2016 presidential primary and look how that turned out.
Marietta: This isn’t like that. People cared about that election. Nobody cares about this one. They’re just voting for the name they recognize. And that’s me.
Tammy: I wouldn’t say nobody cares-
Marietta: Okay, you’re right. A very small portion of the population cares.
Maria: Oh my God, I think I’m having a contraction. This hurts so much!
Marietta: Tammy, drop her off at home. She needs to rest and relax.
Maria: Oh, fine. But I’m not happy about it.
Marietta: I don’t care. You need rest and you're gonna get it. You’re carrying my grandbaby and I need her to be safe. And I also like you, kid, and I want you to be safe.
Maria: Aww.
Tammy: This is all very sweet but we really have to get to the polling place so where am I dropping Maria off?
Marietta: My parents. They already voted and took Kyle with them, so they can stay with Maria.
Tammy: Alright.
Twenty minutes later, Tammy, Marietta and Milton arrive at the polling place.
Tammy: Let’s go, guys! The press is waiting for us!
Marietta: Us, or me?
Tammy: Well, you. But I was the First Lady and the Senate Majority Leader. I’m kinda a big deal.
Marietta: I’m kidding!
Tammy: Oh, okay. I’m just so stressed out and frazzled today. Stevie Wonder canceled his performance at your victory party tonight and the catering place called and said they don’t have any crawfish and I’m also worried about the election and I was never this stressed when I ran for Senate but that’s probably because I was so beloved and in such a blue state and.
Marietta: Tammy! Stop! Talking!
Tammy: Sorry. I just -
Marietta: No! You are fine. I will be fine. This election will turn out the way it’s supposed to. Remember what I said in the hospital when I first announced my campaign?
Tammy: We’re gonna be alright.
Marietta: Yes! Exactly! This journey has been crazy and extraordinary and for some reason it involved a trip to Pennsylvania, but no matter what, it was worth it. And you two have been a part of this journey since the beginning. Milton, my campaign manager who then took a demotion to spokesman because you became too busy. And Tammy, my campaign manager AND chief of staff. I wouldn’t be here without you. Now that we’ve taken that trip down memory lane, let’s go vote! Well, except for you Tammy. You aren’t a resident. Speaking of being a resident, did Elena ever register to vote?
Tammy: Yes! On the last day possible.
Marietta: Cool. Now let’s go! The paparazzi are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next mayor of New Orleans!
Tammy: It’s actually just a few reporters, but call them what you want.
Marietta, Milton and Tammy walk into the polling place and are stopped by NOAN reporter Rob DuBois.
Rob: So Senator Landfield, who are you voting for today?
Marietta: Oh, I’m still undecided.
Milton: We’re both leaning towards writing in my name, though.
Rob: You heard it here first folks, the Marietta Landfield’s campaign says to write-in the name of her brother in this all-important mayoral election.
Tammy: No! They did not say that, they were making a joke. Marietta 2019!
Marietta: What she said!
Marietta and Milton cast their votes and Tammy drives them back to Martin and Patty Lynn’s.
Patty Lynn: Marietta!
Marietta: Mom! How are you on this fine morning?
Patty Lynn: I’m excited that my daughter is about to become the first female mayor of New Orleans! How do you feel about that?
Marietta: I feel that we shouldn’t count our chickens before they hatch. But I also feel pretty excited!
Patty Lynn: If you don’t mind my asking, why are you here instead of out campaigning? I know it’s pretty much a done deal but it’s probably good to get out there. Just to make sure Amy Applewhite doesn’t get a jump on you.
Martin: Don’t worry about that, Patty Lynn.
Patty Lynn: Why not?
Martin: She’s on the news right now. She keeps jumping from one network to another. She probably hasn’t even voted yet.
Marietta: Oh god, what is she saying?
Martin: A bunch of lies, like usual. Don’t worry about her. You should get out there and do some canvassing, though.
Marietta: Oh, don’t worry. Me and Tammy plan to canvass for the next six hours. Gotta get the word out. But I had to check on Maria first. How are you, dear?
Maria: I’m… great. I’m not in too much pain right now. Just a bit of discomfort.
Kyle: I’m gonna take her to vote right now.
Marietta: Great! On both accounts. Glad you’re feeling better, and glad you’re getting to the voting booth as well.
Maria: Like I told you earlier, I’d never miss voting for you. It’s too important.
Martin: Marietta, can I ask you something?
Marietta: Anything, dad.
Martin: Since Kyle and Maria are going home after she votes, your mom and Aunt Kathleen and I don’t have any reason to stick around back here. Would you mind if we went canvassing with you?
Marietta: Not at all. The more the merrier. Especially since Milton will be working the TV circuit all day. Kinda like Amy’s doing, except less sad because appearing on TV is, you know, Milton’s job.
Milton: Technically my job is still Mayor of New Orleans for the next few months. I volunteer as your spokesman.
Marietta: Tomato, tomahto.
Tammy: Anyway, we better all get going. It’s almost eleven and Marietta’s big victory party starts at 6:30. Kate and Ellie are flying in just for it.
Marietta: They are? I thought they weren’t coming!
Tammy: Ellie texted today, they’ll be here.
Marietta: Awesome! I miss them so much and I’m so glad we can all share this moment together.
Tammy: Leslie’s also coming.
Marietta: Beignet lady!
Tammy: Yeah, that’s her! And I’m not promising you anything but there’s a small chance that Susan Sarandon will be here since she’s filming in the area and she’s a fan.
Marietta: Susan Sarandon? From my favorite movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show? That Susan Sarandon?
Tammy: Indeed.
Marietta: Catch me, Milton.
Milton: Huh.
Marietta: I was joking. I’m just so freaking excited, I really could faint.
Milton: Well, don’t.
Martin: Is Trudy coming?
Patty Lynn: You mean that skank you slept with?
Martin: I slept next to her on the floor of a Walmart, that is not the same thing!
Patty Lynn: Close enough.
Tammy: Yes, she is coming and so is her mother. She said Rufus will not be coming, whoever the hell that is.
Martin: That’s her dog.
Tammy: I didn’t say I cared who it was. Mark and Maria are coming, too.
Martin: Great!
Marietta: Wait, there’s another Maria? That is so confusing.
Tammy: Not for out all-star lineup of Kate, Ellie, Susan Sarandon and three of Martin’s friend to be outdone, but Amy has progressive hero and huge New Orleans vote-getter Betty Benoit to appear at her party.
Marietta: That almost makes me feel bad for her.
Tammy: Okay, we’ve spent way too much time talking about this party. We need to get out and campaign now. People are voting as we speak!
Marietta: Let’s go to the car. We have a lot on campaign literature in there. You guys all take as much as you want. Me and Tammy are heading to the French Quarter. Mom, can you guys handle the Garden District?
Patty Lynn: Sure.
Marietta: Luckily, we have tons of volunteers in the rest of the city. They’re Amy’s base anyway so we need to focus on turning out the folks in this part of the city. Got it?
Kathleen: One question.
Marietta: Yes, Aunt Kathleen who I’m still kind of in awe of and shocked to see join the group so seamlessly.
Kathleen: Can I go with you and Tammy instead? I’d like to go for a nice walk in the French Quarter.
Marietta: Yes, as a matter of fact, you can. Any other questions? No, then let’s go! Six hours will be over before we all know it!
Six hours later…
Tammy: Oh my god, why do you live here? It’s so hot! I think I’ve lost twenty pounds.
Marietta: I’ve done you a favor then!
Tammy: We need to get back to the house. We all need showers and the party is starting in 90 minutes!
Marietta: Hey, Aunt Kathleen? Are you okay?
Kathleen: Yes, I’m fine dear. I probably shouldn’t have stopped to drink that café au lait back there but it just smelled so good.
Marietta: Yeah, I’d say a hot coffee wasn’t the smartest idea in 90-degree weather but it’s all good. We’ll get you some water shortly.
Kathleen: I think I see the light.
Marietta: What light? You mean the sun? Yeah, you’re supposed to see that. We’re outside.
Tammy: Marietta, I think there’s really something wrong with her.
Marietta: What do you mean?
Tammy: She might be suffering from heatstroke or something.
Marietta: What are we going to do about it?
Tammy: We have to get her to the house immediately. Get her in a cool bath, do anything to cool her down. I can see the house from here, let’s keep on moving.
Marietta: Kathleen, how are you?
Kathleen: Hot. Hotter than my trainer Johnny from back in Arkansas.
Marietta: Yeah, there’s something wrong with her. Call 9-1-1 immediately.
Tammy: Already on it.
Fifteen minutes later, the paramedics arrive and take Kathleen into the ambulance.
Martin: Marietta, I can’t believe you almost killed your aunt.
Marietta: You were the one that wanted her to come!
Martin: I think we’re both at fault here.
Marietta: Yeah, I can agree with that.
Martin: I’m going to drive to the hospital to be with Kathleen. If everything’s good with her, I will be at your party tonight. I promise.
Marietta: Alright dad. Good luck and give Aunt Kathleen my best!
90 minutes later, Marietta is backstage at her party, writing her victory speech in her dressing room.
Tammy: You look so beautiful, Marietta.
Marietta: Aw, thank you. At least I look good, because this speech is just terrible.
Tammy: What do you mean?
Marietta: I just can’t really think of the words to write. Not with all that’s going on.
Tammy: What did you do last time you delivered a speech on election night?
Marietta: I just winged it.
Tammy: Do that again! It worked the last time.
Marietta: Alright.
Tammy: You should come out to the ballroom for the party. We have all the best non-crawfish New Orleans cuisine and tons of guests and it can take your mind off everything.
Marietta: No, I think I should just stick around here. Let me know if dad shows up or calls.
Patty Lynn: No need to worry.
Marietta: Mom? Where did you come from?
Patty Lynn: The hallway.
Marietta: Oh, sorry I’m acting so weird. It’s just hard to focus on the election with Aunt Kathleen in the hospital.
Patty Lynn: She’s not in the hospital anymore.
Marietta: She isn’t? Why didn’t anyone tell me?
Patty Lynn: I just got the call. They’re on their way here. Kathleen and your dad both stopped at the house and showered and changed. They forgot to call until they got in the car on the way here. She’s fine.
Marietta: What was wrong with her?
Patty Lynn: She was just dehydrated, the doctors gave her some fluids and sent her on her way.
Marietta: Oh good!
Tammy: See Marietta, you were worried for nothing. Now stop, that’s my job.
Marietta: Oh Tammy.
Tammy: I should go entertain our guests. Marietta, I urge you to come out sooner rather than later. It’s going to be fun. Kate and Ellie just got here, I’m sure they miss you.
Marietta: I’ll be out. Just give me ten minutes.
Kate: No Marietta, I demand to see you now.
Marietta: Kate! How have you been?
Kate: I’m good! A little surprised you trusted Ellie to deliver my endorsement video to you, but I’m good.
Marietta: I’m so glad you’re here. This day has been so frustrating and it’s good to see a familiar face. Can you do me a favor?
Kate: Anything.
Marietta: I’m only supposed to be out there at the party for like an hour before I come back here. Y’know, greet the supporters, thank them for coming, pile some food down my throat since I haven’t eaten all day, and then hurry back here to watch election results. Tammy has to stay out there to entertain the guests in the event it’s a long night -
Kate: I’ve followed the polls. It won’t be.
Marietta: It could be. You never know. I need you to stay back here with me. You will keep me sane.
Kate: What about Ellie? She might wander off into traffic without me.
Marietta: Bring her too, I guess.
Kate: Then sure, I’ll watch the results with you.
Martin: Marietta, we’re here!
Marietta runs and hugs Kathleen.
Kathleen: I’m still a little weak, Marietta. But I’m glad to see you too.
Marietta: Ooh, sorry. Well, now that I know you guys are here, I suppose we should go out to the ballroom and start the waiting game.
One hour later, Marietta returns to her dressing room and turns on the TV. The Spin Zone anchors Dan Freberg and Sarah Pratt are covering the race.
Dan: Today’s big story is the race for Mayor of New Orleans.
Sarah: Former-
Marietta: Oh, that still stings.
Sarah: Senator Marietta Landfield is widely expected to win this race outright tonight. City councilor Amy Applewhite, a fellow Democrat, is the other major candidate in this race but is polling well behind Landfield. With Landfield polling above 50% after a late in the game rebound, a runoff doesn’t seem likely anymore. Progressive advocate Edith DeLine and Republican businessman Ray Willark are also running, but are well behind in the polls and aren’t expected to make a runoff if there is one. Polls will close in a few minutes and the first results are expected by quarter after eight.
Kate: Are you sure you don’t want your parents in here for this?
Marietta: God, yes. They’ll just stress me out even more.
Kate: Alright. Just wanted to make sure.
Ellie: I am just so glad you invited me here with you. It’s great to get the gang back together again!
Marietta: Well aside from poor Tammy. The woman’s a saint. I do so much to embarrass her and she’s out there right now entertaining my supporters like it’s no problem.
Kate: You embarrass her? Oh come on, how could you fainting in front of Susan Sarandon possibly be embarrassing to her?
Marietta: Oh, shut up Kate.
Kate: There’s the Marietta I know and love.
Twenty minutes later…
Dan: How’s the New Orleans mayoral race looking, Sarah? Results should be in about now.
Sarah: We have the first results of the evening to report to you. With 6% of precincts already reporting, Marietta Landfield is expectedly in the lead. However, it’s going to be a battle for her to be elected tonight as she is currently receiving 49.6% of the vote, lower than the required 50.01% needed to avoid a runoff. Amy Applewhite is trailing but remains respectable at 33.7%. With just 6% of the vote in, we are already able to confirm that Edith DeLine and Ray Willard have been eliminated from the running and will not qualify for the runoff if there is one.
Marietta: Oh my god! This is terrible.
Tammy comes running through the door.
Tammy: Marietta! What’s happening?
Marietta: I don't know, we may go to a runoff.
Tammy: No! The night is still young, we have plenty of time to get above 50% of the vote.
Marietta: This just feels a lot like the last time I ran for re-election to the Senate. That went to a runoff and we all saw how that worked out.
Tammy: This isn’t like that. You aren’t running against anyone as charismatic as Betty Benoit.
Kate: Tammy, I work with Betty Benoit and trust me when I say that I’ve met trout more charismatic than her.
Ellie: Don’t insult trout like that.
Kate: You’re right, they don’t deserve it.
Marietta: I do get Tammy’s point though. Betty is well-liked. Amy Applewhite isn’t. So if I lose to her…
Tammy: You aren’t going to!
Two hours later…
Sarah: 55% of the vote is now in in the New Orleans Mayoral race and it remains anyone’s guess as to whether Marietta Landfield will be elected tonight. Nobody else has a chance to win outright tonight, as closest challenger Amy Applewhite is holding in the 33% range. Landfield, however, has worked her way up to a strong 49.8%, up 0.1% from earlier. Much of Landfield’s base in the French Quarter has yet to report, but 100% of the Garden District, where she lived for much of her life, has reported. 
Dan: Let’s head over to Sam Silenburg for a more detailed analysis.
Marietta: Let’s not.
In the ballroom, Tammy is speaking to guests at the victory party
Tammy: Guys, I promise you Senator Landfield will be out to speak shortly. She’s waiting on some more results to come in to come and address all of you. And I know you were all promised Stevie Wonder and crawfish but we got Susan Sarandon and shrimp po’ boys instead so please bear with us.
Patty Lynn (with a forced smile): We promise you, tonight is going to turn out great. Nobody freak out. It will all be fine.
In the crowd, the Landfields are conversing with each other
Kathleen: I think Patty Lynn is the only one actually freaking out.
Milton: Oh, Tammy is too.
Kathleen: Well, obviously. You could tell from that time she snapped that clipboard earlier.
Eliza: Oh Uncle Martin, I really wish I could drink that Grasshopper you’re drinking right now. It looks so good.
Elena: Grasshopper? That is not nearly strong enough to get to the right degree of drunk required for this painfully long night. A Hurricane does the trick, though.
Eliza: Great to hear you sharing drinking tips as your wife is six months pregnant with twins.
Elena: Sorry Eliza. But I’m not the one that won’t let us leave.
Eliza: My cousin is about to become mayor and I just got close with my family again and it’s very important for her that we’re all here.
Elena: I’m only pulling your leg. I’m glad to stay. I enjoy watching the human aquarium.
Eliza: What in the name of god does that mean?
Elena: It’s fun to watch everyone’s reactions to the results.
Just then, the Spin Zone returns from commercial break with an update on the race.
Sarah: There was another huge results dump over our break. 80% of the vote is now in, and we can say that Marietta Landfield remains in the lead with 49.4% of the vote, down 0.4% from earlier and her lowest result of the night.
The entire crowd at the party lets out a collective sound of anguish. The mood quickly turns from upbeat to sad.
Sarah: With 20% of the vote outstanding, we can not speak with absolute certainty but it appears as if this race is headed to a runoff. Let’s head on over to Amy Applewhite headquarters where Republican Senator Betty Benoit is introducing Councilwoman Applewhite, who is expected to speak in mere minutes.
Betty: They said that this race was over. They said that Amy couldn’t win. They said that Senator Landfield had it in the bag. But the people of New Orleans were loud and clear today. They are sick and tired of the monopoly that the Landfield family has created in the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. It’s not hard to see why. Over 100 years of collective service among them all and what have they really done? Name highways after their relatives? That’s not good enough. Amy Applewhite is the fighter New Orleans needs in the mayor’s mansion, and she’s the fighter the people of New Orleans are going to vote into office. 
During Betty’s speech, Marietta calls up Amy.
Amy: What do you want Marietta? I have to go talk to my supporters.
Marietta: This race is going to a runoff, Amy. See ya in two weeks. May the best woman win.
Marietta hangs up the phone.
Betty: Please welcome the next Mayor of New Orleans, Amy Applewhite!
Amy comes walking out, with the Marvin Gaye song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough playing at full blast.
Amy: Thank you, Amy. And thank you, New Orleans. Senator Landfield just called me to recognize that this race will indeed be heading to a runoff. This race has been a hard-fought one. The song I just walked out to, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, is so very symbolic of this race. There was no obstacle that I didn’t try to overcome in my race to win. I was outspent thanks to Senator Landfield’s massive out-of-state donor total and a mysteriously huge ad buy at the end of the race by her campaign. I didn’t have a family name to rely on. I’m the second New Orleans City Councilor from my family. My grandmother, who was for so long my inspiration, was my predecessor. Neither of us grew up privileged, and we both had to fight hard for what we got in life. I married my wonderful husband Don, who I promise is out there in the crowd somewhere, when I was 25. By the end of our first year together we already had two wonderful children, my boys Steven and Eric. A few years later, tired of not getting the representation in the city government that my family deserved, I waged a primary fight against a popular, long-serving incumbent and won. I’ve fought the political machine before and I’ve won. That’s because my message is one the resonates with people. It’s a winning one. It’s a message I will use to win the runoff election in two weeks. It’s the message I will use to become this great city’s next mayor. Thank you to my dear supporters for getting me this close.
Sarah: That was mayoral candidate Amy Applewhite, who has just declared that she will be heading to a runoff with former Louisiana Senator Marietta Landfield in this long-fought mayoral election. That was a projection we were not ready to make earlier, but now, with 99% of the vote now in, we are ready to project that Landfield and Applewhite will advance to the runoff. Landfield worked her way up to 49.9%, but that was simply not enough to win tonight. Applewhite will finish the night with 32.5% of the vote. We head now to Landfield headquarters, where former New York Senator Tammy Yarborough is introducing Senator Landfield.
Tammy: I’m not going to be long-winded. It’s been a long night and we are all very tired. Let’s all give Marietta a hand and welcome her as she walks out to this unfortunately-not-live rendition of Faith by Stevie Wonder!
Marietta enters the stage and quickly hurries to the microphone.
Marietta: Hello everyone! This has certainly been an interesting day. I’ll start out by saying a huge thank you to all of my voters for making me the clear #1 choice of New Orleanians on this Election Day. We toped the field by over 17% and that is a major victory no matter how you slice it. I also need to thank my incredibly dedicated supporters who showed up here tonight. It truly touches me to see so folks so dedicated that they decided to spend their night here with Team Landfield. I truly love you all. You are all like a part of my family now. Family has been a major part of this campaign for me. I’ve been attacked for who my family is, but I’m not ashamed of it. Far from it. Truly the best part of this entire campaign is that it brought my entire family together. My Aunt Kathleen, and my cousin Eliza, and my future daughter-in-law Maria, and my sister from a different mister Tammy, the honorary Landfield. We were all brought closer together by this campaign. Kathleen and Eliza returned home here to New Orleans after many years and immediately wanted to take part in the campaign. That precious time helped our bonds grow tighter than ever. Maria, the mother of my future granddaughter, volunteered for my campaign from the very start and has been a true star on the trail with me. And Tammy, I wouldn’t even be here without her. She is the person I am closest to in this world outside of my family, and we got even closer during this campaign. She’s been a dedicated public servant her whole life, and when I am mayor, you can all feel safe with her in office as my chief of staff. I will be honest, this is not where I expected to be tonight. I didn’t expect this campaign to happen at all. I truly expected to be back at my office in DC, as part of a Democratic majority Senate, eating junk food and falling asleep on the couch at 3 in the morning. But I lost my race for re-election. That’s because sometimes you don’t get what you expect, or even what you want. You get what you need. I needed to return home to New Orleans and connect with my roots and grow closer to this great city and its great people again. I’ve done that and then some, and I’m ready to fight for you all as mayor. The night that I lost my re-election to the Senate, my brother Milton told me “You’ve gotta have faith.” And I didn’t then. Now I do. I have faith that in two weeks, we’re going to do all of this all over again and this time, I will be able to stand on this very stage as your duly elected mayor of New Orleans. I have faith in all of you. Thank you and goodnight!

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