TVRGO Comedy Bake Your Heart Out Sets Premiere Date

TVRGO's upcoming comedy Bake Your Heart Out has set its season 1 premiere date. The workplace comedy will debut on August 12, one week after the finale of TVRGO's Marietta. Like Marietta, Bake Your Heart Out comes from RB Productions. Unlike Marietta, a hybrid family/political comedy, Bake Your Heart Out is a satirical look at TV baking series. It will focus on Sam and Diane, the hosts of the hit baking show Bake Your Heart Out (a show-within-a-show). It will follow the production of the show, as well as the friendship between Sam and Diane, as well as the show’s judges Tammy and Garry and the show’s producer Frances. The show's first season will explore such topics as Christmas specials, network notes, the Super Bowl, and guest hosts, all of which the show's characters will most certainly complain about. The first season will run for 14 episodes split in two parts.

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