Marietta Season 1 Episode 20 - Suite: Trudy Blue Eyes

 Marietta Season 1, Episode 20
Suite: Trudy Blue Eyes

Two days later…
Patty Lynn: My god, we’ve been here forever! How are the streets still flooded?
Marietta: It’s not that bad, mom!
Tammy: Marietta, I feel like I’m an inmate at Rikers!
Eliza: This is way worse than Rikers!
Milton: Yeah, Rikers isn’t this crowded!
Eliza: And it smells better.
Milton: And the temperature is lower there.
Patty Lynn: Enough! I get it, the home I opened up to all of you isn’t good enough for you.
Tammy: No, I never said that! It just feels like we’re locked in a prison and we don’t have ay form of entertainment or way of staying cool. And the food is… not good.
Patty Lynn: You don’t like my food?
Tammy: It’s not that. It’s that we have to eat everything at room temperature. It was fine when we had canned soups considering it’s about as hot as a microwave powered on high in here, but we’re down to slimy turkey slices and TV dinners that thawed out days ago. There isn’t much to each, and whatever is still around isn’t edible anymore.
Patty Lynn: What a solid explanation.
Meanwhile, Marietta is upstairs with Milton and Eliza, practicing for her debate.
Marietta: Why do we need to do this? There’s no way the debate’s gonna be held in three days like they’re planning.
Milton: The election is in a few weeks and there hasn’t been a single debate. They aren’t cancelling this one. And stop whining, you sound like a teenager.
Marietta: I do not!
Milton: Do too!
Marietta: Do not!
Eliza: What am I witnessing right now?
Milton: We do this all the time. It’s normal.
Eliza: Maybe it is for two twelve year-olds.
Milton: That was just uncalled for.
Eliza: I think I’m going downstairs to make Tammy perform some of this community service.
Milton: You don’t like debate prep?
Eliza: No!
Marietta: See Milton! Nobody likes it! How about I just wing it?
Milton: Remember the last time you just winged it at a debate? You called Betty Benoit a cold-hearted snake and everyone called you Paula Abdul for a month. But at least that cleared up in time for everyone to start calling you Keg Stand Mary.
Marietta: Fine. Whatever. We’ll do it.
The next day…
Patty Lynn: Marietta, can you get the door? I have no idea who it could possibly be given that this city is still a mess, but maybe it’s one of our neighbors. Or better yet, the electric company coming to save us.
Marietta: It certainly isn’t the electric company, but I’ll get it anyway.
Marietta opens the door.
Marietta: Dad!
Four days earlier…
Martin: Hey, uh, Trudy. Name’s Martin! Could you help me find something really quickly? I need to pick up my daughter quickly before the storm hits.
Trudy, a Walmart employee: Sure sir, what do you need?
Martin: I have a list.
Trudy: Oh. Well at least you’re prepared.
Martin: I am always prepared when I come to the store. Especially when I’m in a hurry. Now, I know where most of this stuff is, but I’m not sure where this is.
Trudy: Chef Boyardee Beefaroni?
Martin: Yep, my wife wants it. We’re having guests over to ride out the hurricane with us. She said they’d like it so here I am.
Trudy: Alright, it’s in aisle 6. I can take you there if you need.
Martin: Nah, that’s alright. Thanks for the help.
Twenty minutes later…
Trudy: Back again so soon?
Martin: I’m here to check out this time. My list helped.
Trudy: Alright, let’s get you checked out so you can pick your daughter up!
Martin: You have a great memory!
Trudy: I have won awards for it!
Martin: Really?
Trudy: No, that was a joke.
Martin: Oh, should’ve known that.
Trudy: Anyway, here’s all of your stuff. That’ll be -
Martin: Here ya go, I’m putting it all on the credit card. I don’t really want to know how much I’m spending on all of this stuff. All I know is that it’s too much. 
A man, his wide, and their daughter come running into the store.
Man: The hurricane is in full effect out there. We barely made it in alive.
Martin: Oh no! Now Marietta’s stuck at home!
Trudy: I’m sorry, Martin.
Man: It’s really bad, nobody should leave right now. It might be the last thing you do.
Martin: I’m trapped? Oh no, Patty Lynn is going to be so mad when I get home.
Trudy: Is that your wife?
Martin: Yep. We’ve been married almost 60 years. 60 years of bliss, as long as I don’t do anything to annoy her.
Trudy: And you often do you do that?
Martin: I try not to ever do it. But in reality, I do it about six or seven times a day.
Trudy: That sounds like my mother.
Martin: Oh, you live at home?
Trudy: Not exactly. My mom wasn’t in good health for awhile, so she moved in with me. And now that she’s better, she’s gotten so used to living with me that she didn’t want to move out. Good thing too, since I’m stuck here for at least a few days and she’s the only one that can take care of my dog.
Martin: I feel the same way about my son Milton. I’d probably by hyperventilating right now if he wasn’t at my house right now. I don’t know if Patty Lynn could stand to be on her own for god knows how long.
Man: Hey, where’s the clothing section? We’re soaked and need something to wear. I don’t have enough money to buy everything right now, but we’re good for the money.
Martin: No, don’t worry about it. It’s on me.
Man: Wow, thank you so much. This feels like as good of a time as any to introduce myself. I’m Mark, and this is my wife Maria and our daughter Danielle.
Martin: I’m Martin. You might k-
Mark: Oh, I know who you are. You were the governor!
Trudy: Oh my god, you were?
Martin: I was indeed. And my son is the mayor! And my daughter Marietta is gonna be the next mayor!
Mark: I have her yard sign!
Martin: Thank you for the support! And for legal reasons, we need to note that I offered to buy you the clothes before we brought up politics and that they aren’t a bribe.
Mark: Okay.
Martin: I’m serious. I need you to know that for certain because I don’t need to go to prison for campaign finance violations.
Trudy: Anyhow, the clothing is at the back of the store. I can take you there if you’d like.
Mark That’d be great!
Trudy: Martin, you come, too. I want to show you the camping equipment. I think you’ll want to use that tonight so you have a place to sleep.
Martin: Alright, thanks.
Thirty minutes later…
Trudy: Alright Martin, it looks like we only have five tents left in the entire store. And there’s about 30 people here. All of them sleep five people. It looks like everyone in the store is gonna have to share and pack really tight into these suckers. Since we’re apparently the first ones here, we get one for sure. Do you want to share one with me?
Martin: Of course! You and Mark are the only people here I’m at all familiar with. Should we ask him and his family to share with us as well.
Trudy: That was my thought. They’re probably still in the bathroom changing. My shift is technically over now, so I’m gonna go get them, clock out, and then return here and join you. You can get started on putting the tent together. We’ll pick up some sleeping bags on our way back.
Martin: Sounds like a plan!
Trudy: Alright, great! Y’know, of all the strangers to get stuck in a store with, you’re probably the best one.
Martin: Aww.
That night…
Trudy: Aww man, my cell service went out. I was gonna call mom.
Maria: At least your phone still has power. Danielle wasted my battery playing Candy Crush and now I have nothing.
Mark: You can use my phone.
Danielle: Ooh, I want it! I want to play more Candy Crush!
Mark: No! It’s past your bedtime little lady, you head on into your sleeping bag and get some shuteye.
Danielle: Why don’t you guys need to go to bed now?
Mark: Because we’re adults, we can pick our own bedtimes.
Just then, the lights go out in the store.
Manager (over the intercom): Folks, I can assure you that we are not experiencing a power outage. We are just turning out the lights to accommodate those trying to rest. Those that are not resting may use the lanterns found at your camp sites.
Martin: Where’s our lantern? I was in the middle of reading.
Trudy: Right here, Martin. I’ll power it on.
Danielle: What was that about adults choosing your bedtimes?
Mark: Bed. Now.
Danielle: Oh, alright.
Trudy: So, what are you reading Martin?
Martin: The new Howard Stern book.
Trudy: I never took you for a big Howard Stern fan. You seemed like more of an Oprah kinda guy.
Martin: I am. But I could only find a few books since I was in a hurry. It was either this or Judge Jeanine’s book. I took my chances.
Maria: I found a few other books that I grabbed. I have one by some lady named Marianne Williamson and also a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.
Martin: I will respectfully pass on those. But thanks for the offer.
Maria: You’re welcome. Me and Mark are gonna head over to the ice cream aisle to grab a late night snack. Wanna join us?
Martin: Thank, but I’m going to pass on that. I think I’m heading to bed. It’s been a long day.
Maria: Oh that’s fine. See ya tomorrow Martin.
The next morning…
Mark: Martin! Wake up!
Martin: What’s going on?
Mark: The roof is leaking on our tent! Help us move it before our stuff gets ruined.
Martin: Okay everyone. Throw everything in the tent so we can get this done quickly.
Trudy: Are you sure that’s the best strategy? Wouldn’t it be better for me and Maria to just carry the stuff while you guys carry the tent?
Martin: Yeah, I guess. We just better hurry before the roof caves in because it just might.
Mark: Alright, let’s do this.
While moving the tent, Martin slips and falls to the ground.
Trudy: Martin! Are you okay?
Martin: I’m fine, I really am. Don’t worry.
Trudy: Alright, just be careful. You landed really hard on your arm and it might be broken.
Martin: Trust me, I’m okay.
The next morning…
Martin: Trudy, where is the Advil in this store? My arm is killing me.
Trudy: I wish you would have listened yesterday, your arm looks terrible today.
Martin: I know, I know. No sense in dwelling on it now,, I guess. I think I’m just going to rest in the tent today, though. It doesn’t look like we’re getting out of here today anyway.
Trudy: Yeah, you just stay here. I’ll go get you some Advil. And some ice.
Maria: I think I’m gonna go with you. I’m in the mood for some ice cream.
Trudy: When aren’t you?
Maria: I’m always in the mood for ice cream.
Trudy: Okay, let’s head on out.
Maria: Danielle, you let Martin rest, you hear?
Danielle: I will!
Maria: Mark, keep an eye on her.
Mark: I’m planning on it, Maria.
Maria: You better, Mark.
Two hours later…
Mark: Where could they be?
Martin: Maybe they got lost?
Mark: Trudy works here. I sure hope she isn’t lost.
Martin: I just hope she gets here soon, my arm is throbbing and I need some relief.
Mark: I have some ice in the cooler. It’s probably half-melted by now, but do you want some?
Martin: Do you have a bag for it?
Mark: Yeah. 
Martin: Then I’ll gladly take some.
Mark: Here you go. Now, I think I should go take Danielle to the toy section. She’s bored and I told her she could pick out a new toy and she won’t stop talking about “Forky”, whatever the hell that is.
Martin: That’s a character from Toy Story 4.
Mark: How did you know that? Did you go see it with your grandchildren?
Martin: No, my daughter wanted to go see it.
Mark: Oh, how old is your daughter?
Martin: 55.
Mark: Oh, okay.
Trudy: Martin! I’m so sorry!
Martin: Don’t be sorry. I’m just so glad to see you.
Trudy: Maria and I were waiting like twenty minutes over at the frozen section and the pharmacy is flooded so it took me forever to find a bottle of Advil for you. But I got one.
Martin: Oh thank god. I was about ready to amputate.
Trudy: I’m glad it didn’t come to that.
Just then, Martin hears a familiar voice call his name.
Martin: Oh my god, is that…?
Trudy: Betty Benoit!
Betty: Martin Landfield! What are you doing here?
Martin: I got stuck here before the hurricane. Why are you here?
Betty: I was doing an interview for the news just outside. The very rude man on the news told me to take cover and this was the closest place I could find. And really Martin, I don’t think you needed ton camp out at a Walmart just to avoid spending time with your daughter. Though I do sympathize with you.
Martin: Wow, you really are as awful as my wife and daughter say you are. Geez.
Betty: Don’t hate me because I’m winning, Martin.
Martin: Winning? You’re drenched, stuck inside a Walmart just like the rest of us common folk, all because you wanted to prove that you care by standing out in the rain during a hurricane. If that’s winning, I don’t want to win.
Betty: Well, this conversation has been delightfully awful. But I really have to get going.
Trudy: What, do you need to feed your flying monkeys?
Betty: No. My chief of staff has been de-thawing a Lean Cuisine for the past few hours and it’s almost ready to eat! I can’t miss that. See ya.
Martin: Stay winning, Betty.
Two days later…
Trudy: Guys! It’s time!
Martin: Time for what? Bingo?
Trudy: No, time for us to all go home!
Martin: Oh thank god. I don’t think I could stand to eat another peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Trudy: Well you won’t have to now! Let’s all get going.
Martin: Aww, I’m really gonna miss you guys. You were all so nice.
Trudy: I’ll miss you guys, too. But we can still see each other. Here, this is my number.
Martin: Thanks. Here’s mine.
Mark: I feel left out. So here’s mine, too.
Martin: Here ya go Mark, I don’t want to leave you out.
Maria: Could someone give us a ride. I think I dropped my keys when we were running into the store.
Trudy: Sure, I can drop you off. I think my car should be nice and dry. I parked on the parking deck a few blocks down.
Martin: Well, good luck getting home guys. I’ll talk to you later.
Five minutes later…
Martin: Hey Trudy!
Trudy: What’s up, Martin?
Martin: My car isn’t starting! Can you give me a ride home?
Trudy: Sure, what’s one more?
Four hours later…
Trudy: Well Martin, you’re finally home.
Martin: I can’t believe it took four hours to drive what usually takes me twenty minutes.
Mark: A hurricane will do that, Martin.
Martin: Mark! I didn’t realize you were even here yet. I thought she dropped you guys off.
Mark: That’s because you fell asleep about a half hour into the drive.
Martin: I’m 75 years old I’ve been sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of a Walmart for the past four days. The second I sat down on something even somewhat soft and comfortable, I was out like a light. Can’t blame me for that.
Mark: No, I can’t. Especially since Maria has also been sleeping for most of the drive.
Martin: Anyway, I better get going. It’s been nice, guys. And thank you so much Trudy, for everything.
Trudy: It was my pleasure. Now get back to your family.
Martin knocks on the door and Marietta answers it.
Marietta: Dad!
Martin’s flashback ends.
Martin: So that’s where I’ve been the last few days.
Marietta: You realize you’re gonna have to tell mom that whole story all over again, right?
Martin: Where is your mother?
Marietta: She’s in the dinner making something to eat out of nothing.
Martin: I better go let her know I’m alive. I’m sure she’s been freaking out for the past few days.
Marietta: Oh, she has. Trust me. Oh, and dad.
Martin: Yeah?
Marietta: Welcome home.

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