Instinct Season 1 Episode 3 Review

In this episode, Dylan and Lizzie investigate a murder of a young man who left his family to come to New York City, and they are lead to a series of possible suspects for the murder. I was really pleased with the first two episodes of this series, and it has been my favorite new show this year. I'm really excited for this episode, and I hope that it doesn't disappoint me.

The episode begins with Lizzie's sister, who has alcohol issues, coming to her house just before she has a murder to get to. The murder is the murder of a 19 year old, who moved to NYC from upstate NY. He was murder by a sociopath. The parents of the kid said that he kept secrets from them, and Lizzie and Dylan find a box with black and white popsicle sticks. In Caleb's NYC apartment, a kid was hiding in the closet. This kids alibi checks out. It is revealed that Caleb's girlfriend, Nicky, lives at a place with a guard. Dylan realizes that Caleb played the piano, and they go meet with the piano teacher. The teacher says that he went to NYC to study piano and apply to a very good music school. They also get a picture of Nicky, and they go to a shelter and are told that Nicky was hanging out with someone named Jean, and they were always arguing over a photographer.

They go to the photographers house, and they find him dead for 48 hours, so he couldn't have killed Caleb. They think that Jean could've been angered that Nicky was dating them both, and he killed both guys. Dylan thinks that this killer is a narcissist. While Lizzie is trying to help her sister, who got drunk and vomited, Dylan and Lizzie find Nicky and Jean and confront then. Nicky claims that she cannot remember anything. Dylan gets a doctor to assess Nicky's condition, and she leads Dylan to believe that Jean murdered both Caleb and the photographer. Lizzie says that no trace of Jean was found at the crime scene, and Dylan thinks that Nicky is the killer, since she is creating the narrative for this case.

Dylan then talks with Nicky, and he says that nothing at the crime scenes traced to Jean, only Nicky. Dylan tells Lizzie that she has been faking the amnesia, and she definitely did something in the past because she wouldn't start with this big of a murder. Lizzie wants some form of evidence. Also, Dylan tells Lizzie to stop enabling her sister. Lizzie then goes back to her house and tells her sister that she needs to stop drinking if she wants to stay with her. It turns out that Nicky's name is not Nicky, it is Amber. Also, Nicky murdered someone named Brenden in her old town, so this isn't her first murder. They arrest Nicky, and she says that she killed them because they didn't care about her. Lizzie tells Dylan that her sister left without a note. At the restaurant, she sees her sister, and her sister tells her that she's been going to meetings. She tells Lizzie that she wants to start over and keep going to meetings.

I really enjoyed this episode. The case was interesting, and I really got into it. I loved the scenes where Nicky was faking amnesia, and I also liked how Dylan was officially partners with Lizzie. The scene with Caleb's parents watching him play piano on the video was also really touching. I also liked how we got to meet Lizzie's sister and see her story, which was really interesting. I hope to see her again in future episodes. My only issue with this episode was the scenes at the bar with Dylan and his husband. I did not connect with those scenes at all.

Score: 9.5/10

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