Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 Episode 16/17 Review ’NutriBoom/DFW’

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If it hasn't been established already, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the king of callbacks and continuity. While other sitcoms forget or change minor plot details, the writers of this series always stay on-point. Because of that, it makes perfect sense that the show would produce an episode that revolves around a small joke from this season's Halloween episode. Through the hilarious duo of Jake and Boyle, 'NutriBoom' does a great job at highlighting the strength of their friendship and establishing the cult-like organization.

The A-plot starts off with Peralta and Boyle attempting to cancel their NutriBoom contracts. When things don't go their way, the two attempt to find a way to shut the company down. While past episodes have followed similar structures, this setting was definitely uncharted territory for Brooklyn. As expected, the pairing of Jake and Boyle led to consistent, witty banter. Adding Bill into the equation fueled the comedy fire even more. Bill's eager and insanely awkward personality gave Boyle a run for his money. Additionally, the robotic nature of the NutriBoom employees resulted in simple, cartoonish fun. While not realistic, Brooklyn doesn't always have to be accurate to create clever humor. But, the best moments came from Jay Chandrasekhar (playing himself) retaliating against the organization and then being brainwashed back into submission. Despite being goofy in nature, I can't help but think that the dark humor was merely a mask and that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was trying to send a deeper message through it. The aspects of the cult may have been outlandish, but the anti-climatic ending felt more realistic than most cases they've tackled. Overall, this plot was a thrilling and joke-filled ride. What makes things better is that the NutriBoom company is definitely going to be making more appearances.

In the B-plot, Amy finds a duplicate of herself on her first day of being a sergeant. This story pales in comparison to the main one, but it still has something to offer. In a positive way, it finally gives Santiago a taste of her own medicine. Aside from that, the squad's jabs at Santiago were done in an exaggerated manner that didn't come out as particularly funny. It felt forced to have each character use her name to describe a pushy personality. With that said, it was still a nice adjustment to finally upgrade Santiago's status to sergeant. I look forward to seeing how this new dynamic changes the status quo.

'NutriBoom' is a strong episode with hilarious jokes and a compelling case. While the B-plot isn't as entertaining as the main one, it's not bad by any means. The installment shows that the writers are willing to change things up and that the Jake and Boyle dynamic will never get old.

Grade: A-


Brooklyn Nine-Nine always does a fantastic job of handpicking guest stars. Nick Cannon, Adam Sandler, and Eva Longoria are some of the many phenomenal performers that the comedy has worked with. Naturally, the series also features many SNL alumni and Nasim Pedrad becomes the latest to visit the Nine-Nine. Pedrad's slightly insane portrayal of Jake's half-sister salvaged a rather lackluster storyline.

In the main story, Jake and Amy meet up with Jake's half-sister Katie. Right off the bat, we're introduced to her shady ways after she's apprehended by the police and seen putting glass in her food for compensation. Katie's reckless behavior shines through and it's easily the highlight of the installment. Unfortunately, a generic plot undercuts what could've been a great show. Long story short, Jake becomes scared that Katie will stay with him. They get into a fight but eventually forgive each other since they are family. Ir's a concept that has been milked for years in the sitcom world. Unfortunately, Pedrad's character is wasted on this cliche storyline. It would've worked a lot better to have her maniac personality play out in a case where she ends up being the criminal or victim. Sadly, the wasted potential led to a tedious story.

The funnier B-plot takes a look at Terry's inability to do yoga. If nothing else, this plot gives some great slapstick humor in the form of Terry having difficulty to move. Plus, the role reversal of Boyle and Terry led to some hilariously unrealistic moments. On the contrary, the C-plot was a bit of a drag. While I'm glad that the writers finally focused on Rosa's bisexuality, it was annoying to see the show bring back the trope of Gina always being right. This running gag was used heavily towards the end of season 4 and it's irritating to see it pop up again. Aside from that blunder, I'm glad Rosa's love life got more recognition.

'DFW' had an exceptional guest star and a lot of potential. But, it didn't work out the way it should have. Essentially, it's a standard sitcom story with a surprisingly solid B-plot and a subpar C-plot. In the end, it's nothing more than a mediocre 22 minutes of an amazing series. It's not necessarily bad, but it's certainly not one I'll be coming back to anytime soon.

Grade: B-

  • I died when I saw Hitchcock & Scully at the NutriBoom meeting. 
  • Both cold openings were genius. But, the interrogation singing one was on another level.
  • I loved how the security guard kept pretending that Boyle was Bill.
  • Bill should become a recurring character.
  • I'm happy to say that Adrian Pimento is returning in the next episode
  • How did Boyle carry Terry?

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