Splitting Up Together Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Splitting Up Together has been one of my favorite new shows this season, with two strong episodes so far. Hopefully, the show delivers another strong episode tonight, when both Lena and Martin have romance on the brain. In very different ways.

It's Lena's week with the kids, and for the kids, that's a very good thing. But Lena has some non-parenting things to worry about. She really likes Wes, the guy from the bar, and tells Maya about him. Maya doesn't even think he's real, and when she learns that he is, she still isn't convinced. Meanwhile,  Martin is stil lgetting dance lessons and he's definitely getting better. But he's also realized that he's realyl doing it all for Lena. His instructor Charlotte tells him that it wouldn't really change anything, but he doesn't agree. Meanwhile, Lena and her girlfriends are talking about Martin and Charlotte  who they think is his girlfriend. They tell Lena to start dating and to make sure she has sex, but she wants to ease into it. Back to Martin, he's showing Arthur his new dance moves, and also tells him he wants to fix things with Lena. We'll see abotu that.

Mason is getting harrassed at school, and a girl names Hazel tells him that she'll let him French kiss her. He agrees, but that's not a thing he's proud of. He asks Maya for advice, and she tells him not to do anything he's uncomfortable with. He then goes off to meet Hazel for their "sexcapade", as Mae would put it. At the same time, Lena is on her date with Wes, and things are going pretty well so far.

Martin is worrying about dancing, and Charlotte comes to help him out. She tells him he doesn't need lessons anymore, and it's very clear why. She clearly likes him in a way he doesn't, so they end things. Meanwhile, Lena is having more luck than Martin is, and she gets intimate with Wes. And Martin witnesses it all.

This was definitely the weakest episode of Splitting Up Together yet, and by a lot. I didn't really find it all that funny and I only really cared about Martin's story. Don't get me wrong, there were some funny lines (most courtesy of Lena and Mae), but it just wasn't on the same level as the previous episodes. Mason's story didn't really have any content in it, but it did allow for Mae to actually appear, which was nice. Other than that though, it was very boring and it barely made an impression on me at all. Lena's story was a bit better, but still wasn't anything all that special. I hope that she breaking things off with Wes soon, because he is boring. Like, really boring. Martin's plot was my favorite this week, and even that one wasn't great, just good. Also, #LenaAndMartinForever.
Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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