Superior Donuts Season 2 Episode 17 Review

In this episode, Arthur plans on going to the Cubs Home Opener, but he is given an invalid ticket, so he is forced to try and get into the ballpark to break the streak of going to the Home Opener game. Also, Randy goes undercover outside of the ballpark. I have loved both of the last two episodes, and I really like the premise of this episode. I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

The episode begins with Arthur saying that he can get the streak for amount of times at the Home Opener Game this year. Randy then says she is going undercover, with a partner she hasn't met yet, at the game. It turns out that the person who usually gives Arthur the tickets has died, so he cannot use the tickets, therefore his streak is at risk. Franco's cousin, who has been in jail, then walks into the shop. Franco wants Arthur to give Marcus, Franco's cousin, a delivery job at the shop.

Randy is meeting with her new partner, and they are planing the undercover assignment for the Cubs game. They decide to be Pirates fans from Pittsburgh, and they make a story about their marriage that they'll use at the game. Then, Marcus gives Arthur two Cubs tickets, and Arthur gives him the delivery job. At the game, Randy and her partner use their story to try and catch a man who they find suspicious. Her partner takes this story to another level, when he gives every detail about their fake life to the guy. This leads to a fake fight. I found this scene enjoyable. They eventually admit that they're officers and arrest the man.

Meanwhile, Arthur is being interviewed at the game for his record streak, and he then walks into the stadium, only to find out that the tickets that Marcus gave him were stolen. He is escorted out of Wrigley Field by Security. When Randy and her partner get back to the shop, they agree to have dinner sometime. Arthur then fires Marcus because he gave Arthur stolen tickets, but it turns out that Tush was the one who gave Marcus the tickets. Arthur then gives Marcus his job back, and Randy gives Arthur one of the real tickets that she got from the criminals. A player from the Cubs walks into the shop to give Arthur a bat as a gift for being a dedicated Cubs fan.

I really loved this episode. The premise was great, and I loved that it took place at Wrigley Field for part of the episode. Both storylines were really great. I also liked Marcus a lot on the show. I liked how Arthur was stuck out of the Cubs game. He was finally portrayed as another character besides the owner of the shop, and I also loved Randy going undercover, and her partner was great as well. I liked the character of Marcus, but I wish that they didn't have him as an ex-con. This was a really great episode, and it was probably one of my favorites from this season.

Score: 9.5/10

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