Man With a Plan Season 2 Episode 16 Review

It's time for a (belated) prank war on this week's Man With a Plan! And (shockingly) Andi doesn't like something that Adam's doing. This is uncharted territory, guys!

Adam and Andi get pranked by the kids when they get home from a restaurant, and this prompts a "serious" discussion from Adam. He says he's proud of them, but Andi doesn't want to encourage this prank war. She doesn't get pranks, and Adam thinks it's because of a lie her sister told her when they were kids. Andi still isn't a big fan of pranks, but Adam tries to convince her that pranks are actually fun by pulling a fun prank on her.

Adam's prank fails to change Andi's mind. And then he pulls another prank, which really doesn't help. She begs him to stop, using his hatred for line dancing as a reason. She threatens to make him go line dancing, and finally sees the light. A little. The next day, Joe pranks Adam, and Adam decides to retaliate. At home, Andi tells Adam that she gave Joy a fake lottery ticket from the prank war. Only Andi doesn't know it's fake. There's no way this will end well.

Adam goes to retrieve the scratcher from the mailbox, but he gets his hand stuck. Don's no use, so they commit a bit of mail(box) theft. Eventually he gets his hand out, but the scratcher isn't even in there. When he discovers Joy and Rudy in their house, they tell him that they won a million dollars, that he bought a boat, and that she quit her job. Adam comes clean to Andi, and Andi admits that the whole thing was a prank. Adam agrees to get rid of his pranks, but then he tells her the real reason for his love of pranks. And also pranks Andi by accident. Looks like it's line-dancing time for Adam!

While it wasn't quite as fun as its other April holiday-themed episode, this was still a thoroughly enjoyable episode. The plot was a bit stereotypical and incredibly predictable (I saw the lottery ticket "twist" coming a mile away), but it was still retty fun. I love to see shows doing April Fools-themed episodes (April Fools is kinda a major holiday here at TVRG), so that certainly increased my enjoyent of the episode. This certainly wasn't one of the show's better episodes, but it didn't have to be in order to be a decent entry into the world of MWAP.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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