Superstore S3E19 Review

Dina encourages the Cloud 9 employees to sell lottery tickets as lottery mania sweeps in, while Amy tries to get a raise on this week's Superstore.

S3E19 "Lottery"

The episode begins with all of the Cloud 9 employees sharing what they would spend the money on if they won the lottery, and after charity is mentioned, the others hilariously also add on that they would donate to charity as well. It's also very funny when Glenn talks about how he might not work on Thursdays if he won the lottery. Cheyenne and Mateo discuss picking numbers, where Cheyenne is very funny, and they decide to split the winnings if one of them wins.

Dina ends up in a rivalry with someone from another store, and attempts to sell more tickets at their store. Sandra tells Dina about how Garrett is discouraging people from buying lottery tickets (but she doesn't want to hear about anything else, there is a funny moment here where Dina tells Sandra she doesn't like tattletales), so Dina tricks Garrett into thinking there's something in it for him if they sell the winning ticket. Unfortunately, this story doesn't really go much of anywhere interesting from here.

Amy wants a raise, and she is very nervous about asking for one. She goes to Glenn to ask, and it's very funny when she barges into a conversation to ask. Glenn shares that he is no longer allowed to give raises (or hugs, which he is even more disappointed about, and causes some funny moments). She and Jonah track down the district manager, and find out she's golfing nearby. However, Amy ends up hitting her with a golf cart. Amy asks for a raise anyway, and of course, she doesn't get one. There feels like the stakes are incredibly low here, as Amy doesn't even seem to care that she doesn't get this raise.

The episode ends with a very typical scene, as Amy and Jonah share a moment full of romantic tension, while Jonah misses a call from Kelly. Superstore has been annoyingly typical all this season when it comes to the Amy and Jonah romance, but this is a new level.

This episode got off to a strong start, with quite a few funny moments, but the episode's stories just fell apart, and Amy and Jonah had a very, very typical ending. This was an episode with potential, but it did not deliver.

Score: 4.5/10

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