Superstore S3E21 Review

As Superstore heads toward the end of its third season, after it set plot points in motion last week, this week's episode picks up right where the last one left off, and sets up the season finale.

S3E21 "Aftermath"

It was obvious that this week would give us a handful of Amy and Jonah drama. From the start of the episode to the end, it delivers on that, and it's frustrating, but not for the usual reasons. Throughout this season, I've complained at how the story has been dragged out. This week, it goes somewhere. It's frustrating because the characters are frustrating, and that's not always a bad thing. We start out with Amy and Jonah as we left them, following the kiss and Amy's reveal. This sparks some tension between them, as Jonah asks why Amy did that. Amy answers that she wanted to do it before everything changes, and Jonah isn't a big fan of that answer.

Later in the episode, Amy tries to have a conversation with Jonah, but that keeps being prevented. Finally, near the end of the episode, Jonah wants to talk, but Amy now isn't interested, which leads to a fight between the two of them. Jonah accuses Amy of only wanting to talk on her terms, never on anyone else's, and goes on to get upset with her for waiting until he was with Kelly to be interested in him, and tells her that she isn't as stuck as she acts like she is. What he says hurts, despite there being truth to much of it. The episode's end is perhaps the most frustrating though, because after Jonah's attempts to make things with Kelly more serious throughout the episode, he breaks up with her right after she says that she loves him. Poor Kelly, she doesn't deserve this.

Not everything having to do with Amy is so serious though. Everyone at Cloud 9 finds out about her pregnancy because Cheyenne can't keep her mouth shut, and the scene where it is revealed that everyone knows about it is very funny. Glenn's excitement about this is another great source of comedy, especially as he tells someone who doesn't know her about Amy's pregnancy on a conference call. Cheyenne and Mateo try to help out Amy because of her pregnancy, but Amy doesn't want charity. Mateo's attempt to give Amy $20 is especially entertaining, and gets even better when Bo takes the $20. Also, the writers make great use of Justine here, with the events that no one wants to go to.

While everything with Amy's pregnancy and Amy and Jonah's feelings for each other happens, the rest of the episode deals with Glenn and Dina's excitement over the idea of the CEO of Cloud 9 visiting their store. Glenn and Dina, when put together, as often happens, is usually used for contrast, so it was entertaining to see them both being excited, and feeding off of each other's excitement. There are some very funny moments in this story, such as when the duo takes over the intercom while Garrett is making an announcement about a lost child, when Sandra is excluded from the group photo, and as Glenn and Dina decide to go overboard, and instead of going with just a photo like they are supposed to, make a video. Their attempts at directing Cheyenne and Mateo are very funny, as is the final result. I also loved Mateo's line about how a TV show should be made about them.

This episode was made strong by being full of not just great comedy, but by pushing story forward, and rooting it in the characters. I felt that how frustrating Amy and Jonah (especially Jonah) were in this episode went a bit too far, but otherwise, I think this was a great episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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