Instinct Season 1 Episode 4 Review

In this episode, Dylan and Lizzie investigate a chemical explosion on a subway in Central Park, and Dylan's father's FBI team also work on the case. The case sounds interesting this week, and I like how we get to meet Dylan's family member. This should be a good one.

The episode begins with Lizzie and Dylan going to a subway to investigate a bombing, that they immediately know was done on purpose. The passengers on the train were in between stations for a long time. They then find a person who survived the explosion, but he stole things from the victims. We then learn that there was a French diplomat on the train. It is being treated like terrorism. Dylan doesn't think that this is a terrorist attack. They find one of the victims mates, who the victim, Josh, was having an affair with. She said that someone knocked into her, and that guy then jumped onto the train with a backpack, but then quickly got off. We then learn that there was an explosion at a carousel in Central Park. There were explosives in the carousel area, and one person died. Dylan's father then shows up at the carousel area.

Dylan's father is offering to have them back on the case, and Lizzie wants to be back on the subway case. Dylan thinks that his father didn't read his book, which makes Dylan upset. Dylan, Lizzie, Andy, and Dylan's father are out at dinner together. While they're at dinner, Dylan and Lizzie need to go to a hotel, where there was a fire and a murder of a man. The murderer ripped up the hotel furniture before burning it. Dylan realizes that the targets were actually the carousel horse and the hotel room, not the bodies. Dylan thinks that the room had personal meaning to the man, who was destroying old memories. Both Dylan and Lizzie agree that all of these deaths were not on purpose, and the killer meant to damage the subway car, carousel horse, and hotel room instead. Lizzie calls Dylan's father to find out what chemical was in the backpack in the subway car, and it was chlorine, which was used to destroy the subway car, horse, and hotel room. This just proves that the subway car incident was not meant to kill people. Something on the man who was killed in the hotel room's body leads Dylan and Lizzie to find a man, who was friends with Kyle Adams, the man who assisted Dylan and Lizzie at the carousel, with a horse in Manhattan.

There is a picture of the horse that was blown up next to the friends horse, and it turns out that it's Kyle's horse, but he has the day off, since it is his birthday. It turns out that one of Kyle's co-workers, was one of the men murdered. Dylan and Lizzie go to Kyle's apartment, where they find drawings of all the crime scenes. It turns out that Kyle's father committed suicide 28 years ago on that day, which is also Kyle's birthday. It turns out that Kyle left the objects at the crime scenes, as opposed to them being found there. Since Kyle's father jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, Kyle will try to blow it up. Dylan tries to talk with Kyle, and he says that his fathers death was not his fault, and he is not like his father. Dylan tries to tell him that he shouldn't kill all of the innocent people who are just trying to have fun and enjoy life. Kyle then commits suicide by jumping off of the building.

This episode was really good. I loved the case, and I liked the aspect that the people weren't the targets, which seems to be the case in police procedurals often. The way that the three crime scenes tied together really interested me as well. And lastly, Alan Cunning was really great when he was trying to prevent Kyle from blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge. That scene was easily the best of the episode. My only complaint about this episode would be that we didn't get to know Dylan's father enough. I hope that he comes back in a later episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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