Mom S5E17 Review

This week's Mom deals with an AA meeting that the group of women lead in prison. After an incident occurs, Bonnie tries to put the pieces together.

S5E17 "Crazy Snakes and a Clog to the Head"

The episode begins in the aftermath of something that has gone wrong in a room at a prison. An officer comes into the room to ask the women what happened, and flashbacks reveal what happened in their day so far. Jill worried about how women in prison would relate to her story, and hilariously tried to pretend to be poor. There's also a hilarious line from Jill about Christy's story. It turns out that once a woman heard Bonnie's name, she attacked her, and a fight ensued.

Bonnie desperately tries to remember where she knew this woman from, and after saying "Tammy" a ton of times, and annoying Christy like crazy as a result, she finally remembers, right in the middle of when Wendy is speaking. What's even funnier than that is when Marjorie asks Wendy to finish, and Jill insists that what Bonnie's going to share is more interesting.

It turns out that Bonnie set Tammy on a poor track in life, though she forgot that she got her kicked out of the foster home they were staying in. Bonnie's perception of the past is very funny, as she doesn't get why the others are so disappointed in what she did. Bonnie makes amends, and actually feels bad once she realizes what she did. Eventually, she and Tammy end up on decent terms. The tag scene of the episode is very funny, as another meeting at prison goes just like the original one.

This episode had a lot of funny moments, especially in the first half of the episode. Bonnie, Jill, and Wendy were all very funny this week, and I really liked the premise behind it.

Score: 9/10

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