The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 19 Review

The Goldbergs has its 700th tribute episode tonight with their ode to Flashdance, which is just about the most "80s" movie that has ever been. Plus, the Frentas are back! Should be a great night!

Beverly is trying to convince the Frentas to go "flash-dancing" with her, having been inspired by the movie. The Frentas aren't too sure, but they eventually agree. And they are terrible. But that doesn't hinder their fun. Meanwhile, Adam ends up with Coach as his gym partner when Emmy ditches him for her new boyfriend, but he's in denial. He doesn't think Emmy's newfound relationship will change anything between them. He is sadly mistaken. Coach gives him what he intended to be a pep talk, but it doesn't help at all. Back to Beverly, she's getting a bunch of flack from Barry over the dance recital she's planning on performing in. And then Erica arrives incredibly upset, since Beverly lied to her in order to get her there. But she shows the family her dance moves anyway, and they find it hilarious. Murray finds it so hilarious that he literally injures himself. Weirdly though, it's Beverly that I feel the worst for. She even gives up on dance because of their reaction, and makes her fellow Frentas feel mad about their own dance moves.

Adam asks Pops for advice on becoming cool, hoping to impress Emmy. He ends up calling Emmy, but he finds out that Emmy used him as an excuse so she can go hang out with her boyfriend. Pops buys him a Michael Jackson jacket. He shows up at a party in it, trying to show everyone that he's cool. He ends up getting in an argument with Emmy, and she tells him to never talk to her again. Meanwhile, Barry and Erica set up a hip-hopera to apologize to Beverly. She immediately forgives them, but she's still upset with Murray. He doesn't think he needs to apologize, but he's the one she's most upset at.

Murray tries to apologize to Beverly with a dance, but he ends up injuring himself again. He does eventually apologize for real. Beverly convinces the Frentas to try dancing again, and they fail their routine. But she eventually gets them back on track and the crowd loves it. Adam gets some advice from Pops that makes him change his strategy. He convinces the guy that Emmy liked to give her another chance, and finally does what a true friend would do.

This was a very fun episode of the Goldbergs, with both stories being really strong. I love the Frentas, so it was delightful to see them take center stage again this week. I honestly would have preferred to have them appear in more of the episode though, but what we did get of them (especially my personal favorite Frenta, Linda Schwartz) is still appreciated. We at least got some of Beverly's sweet dance moves, and we even got to see some of Murray's! (They should really go on Dancing With the Stars, they would slay.) Adam's storyline was definitely the weaker one this week, but it was still nice to see Emmy (and the REAL Emmy!) and it was funny enough. All in all, a great episode that provided some real heart, was very funny, and had Mindy Sterling in it! Who couldn't love an episode like that?
Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

I'll leave you all with this:

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