Superstore S3E20 Review

This week's episode of Superstore focuses on the ongoing story for much of this season, Dina being a surrogate for Glenn and Jerusha. In this episode, Glenn and Jerusha find out the gender of their baby, and Dina worries about giving birth.

S3E20 "Gender Reveal"

The episode begins with Dina, Glenn, and Jerusha at the doctor's, looking at a sonogram. Dina's lack of interest, as well as her later disgust, are funny. However, then Dina starts to become worried about giving birth. Conversations with a couple of mothers make her more nervous, and that is quite entertaining. Dina freaks out, and she tells Glenn she doesn't want to carry his baby anymore. Her freak out is very funny, as she tries to come up with a way for the baby to be born without her carrying it anymore.

Amy and Cheyenne try to calm her down, claiming that giving birth wasn't that bad. While they talk, Amy discovers that a pregnancy test that she recently used was recalled because it was giving people false negatives. After taking an accurate test, she discovers that she's pregnant, and Adam is the father. This is a twist I did not expect, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, since we already had an episode where the story was Amy worrying that she might be pregnant. At the end of the episode, Amy and Jonah kiss. I'm glad that something actually happened here, not just more hinting at things. Hopefully the final two episodes of the season move things along here.

The Cloud 9 employees convince Glenn and Jerusha to have a gender reveal party. So, they plan it for them. Garrett is given the responsibility of handling the envelope that has the gender of the baby inside, and of course, since it is Garrett's responsibility, he fails at getting the color of the inside of the cake to match the gender. His attempt to cover up this is quite entertaining, as he goes on a rant about gender being a social construct. Also, the reaction to the inside of the cake being white was very funny, especially when Marcus announces excitedly that they are having a white baby.

After Jonah finds out that Jeff doesn't really work at Target, Mateo convinces Jonah to talk Jeff into getting a job. They act as good cop, bad cop, but Jonah keeps thinking that Mateo isn't acting anymore. The scenes between Mateo and Jonah are quite funny, especially the final one, where Mateo lets Jonah know that he too has been in plays.

This was an entertaining episode throughout, with each story being entertaining, and every part of the episode, aside from the story with Jonah and Mateo, connecting in interesting ways. The show seems to be preparing for the end of the season, and I'm glad that they are actually heading somewhere now, instead of wasting time.

Score: 8.5/10

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