Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 17 Review

This week's Life in Pieces AGAIN focuses on Matt and Colleen's baby, for some reason. I can't wait, I just love that storyline so much!

In the first story, Clementine sends Jen and Greg a text saying that she's too busy too watch Lark. They decide that they have to find a real babysitter, and Heather gives her a site to use to find one. Jen keeps turning down potential sitters until they come across one that she likes. Her name is Jordana and she's just like Jen. They don't hear anything back from her, and Jen blames Greg. Then they get a message from her, and Jen gets very excited. The next day, Jordana comes over to meet them. THings are going well until Jordana says something that makes them change their minds.

In the second story, Heather and Tim embarrass Sam in front of her boyfriend Ryan. The next day, she runs into Ryan's mom at a restaurant. She doesn't know "which one" Sam is, which disturbs Heather. She tells Tim, who brushes it off. They start talking about open relationships at dinner, but Sam doesn't get it. Later, Sam rushes in crying because Ryan broke his leg. At the hospital, they run into his other girlfriends. His mom mentions that she ran into Heather the other day, and she gets mad at her. Sam then tells them that she told him to pick, and that he chose her. Aww, love isn't dead!

In the third story, Colleen's sister is visiting with Matt and Colleen and he recognizes her. That's because he had sex with her over a decade ago, and Tim is weirdly delighted by this information. When he goes back home, Colleen tells him that Rita wants to be their surrogate. He says she can't be the surrogate, and it's all because they had sex. Then the next day, it is announced that Rita will indeed be their surrogate. And then Greg comes in, and it turns out that HE, not Matt, had sex with her.

In the fourth story, Joan and John are at the mattress store. He wants to test all of mattresses, much to Joan's dismay. They go home, because he still isn't ready to make a decision. Greg and Jen tell them to buy a mattress online. John wants to test is out first, so they test out Greg and Jen's. They like it, so they so home to buy one. When it arrives, John isn't pleased with it. Joan tells him to make decision about it, or he'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight. They head to the store again, and John finally makes a decision. When the salesman tells them it has a thirty-year warranty, John gets indecisive again.

This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad episode of Life In Pieces. I really can not say that enough. The first three stories were all absolutely terrible. I only found one thing in any of them to be even mildly amusing or entertaining. They were more irritating than they were funny. The first story was incredibly annoying and felt so pointless. The second one was even more annoying and pointless. But the pinnacle of terribleness in this episode was story three, which featured the recurring storyline from hell (Matt and Colleen's baby) and was also very dumb and awful. There was literally no redeeming quality to any of these stories, which each one of them somehow managing to be worse than the previous one. The third story was mediocre-at-best, but was still easily the episode's best. I actually laughed at it a few times, though I did get annoyed with John during it. Despite this, mediocre was more than enough to push it ahead of the other stories during this, the worst episode ever of Life In Pieces.

Score: 2.5/10
Grade: F

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