Get Shorty S1E2 Review

I am amazed by the fact that no matter how bad a movie is, there's always someone willing to watch it


S1E2 - 'Sins of a chambermaid.'

In this episode, Miles manages to get Rick Morewether on board after he tells him he has found a producer and sets a meeting between Rick and Amara. However Miles starts doubting Rick after watching one of Rick's movies.

This episode was pretty dull in comparison to the first. It was pretty slow and I felt like they shouldn't have focused too much on the mob storyline. But there were some positives in this episode such as Miles' reluctant partner Lulu and the set up of Rick's past. The ending felt kinda lame though, as Rick suddenly changes his mind about the plan. I get why Rick did it, but I just think it's leading to some unnecessary issues.

Quote of the week: "The Godfather. Right? Raging Bull. Taxi Driver. That's the kinda movie you wanna make."

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