For Your Summer Binge Consideration: Great News

This is the sixth article in a series of articles that a few of us will be writing this summer. This is the For Your Summer Binge Consideration series. Each article will talk about a show that will be returning for its second season in the 2017-18 season, and why you might want to watch the first season before the second season premieres. We continue with Great News.

Great News was one of NBC's two new Tuesday comedies (the other being the excellent Trial & Error) this season. It was pretty much a ratings disaster that defied all odds by being renewed, but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. In fact, the quirky comedy set in the world of TV news was my favorite new broadcast series of the 2016-17 series, and my second favorite newbie overall, behind FX's Feud.

Creator Tracey Wigfield really did a great job with this wonderful series. It reminds me of a series Wigfield previously worked on with Great News EPs Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, 30 Rock. That really is the highest compliment I can give any show. 30 Rock is my favorite show of all time, and this show's got a similar personality, a similar style, and a similar tone. It's really a great show to watch. If you're a fan of 30 Rock, like I am, this is a great show for you. I truly believe that this show can be the next 30 Rock.

The sitcom stars Briga Heelan as a TV producer who must deal with her mother, played by Andrea Martin, becoming an intern at the news channel she works at. The series may sound like a pretty generic sitcom, but it really has a lot of heart and it definitely brings the laughs. Season one sees new intern Carol working for anchorman Chuck Pierce, and they're the funniest parts of the show.

While all of the cast members in the show are great and bring something truly special to the show, Andrea Martin truly shines in the role of Carol. She really brings so much humor to the show, and storylines featuring her are constantly my favorites. Carol's relationships with all of the other cast members are really funny, and her and Chuck are a great comedic pairing. They form an odd form of friendship, and any episode in which they're paired up essentially guarantees some laughs. Another great pairing in this show is the mother/daughter pairing of Carol and Katie, and I really enjoy when they're paired together on the show. They have a fun relationship, and the moments they share on screen can be quite sweet.

In its first ten episodes, Great News evolved into a great, consistently funny show that I looked forward to each week. The show was one of NBC's three new sitcoms that will be returning in 2017-18, and it was my favorite of them all. NBC had a great season for new sitcoms, and Great News was the best of them. If you have the time to watch it, you should really try it out. It isn't a very serialized show, so if you only have time for a few episodes, The Red Door is probably the show's best. Celebrity Hacking Scandal and Snowmageddon of the Century are other great watches that I highly recommend. But really, you should watch them all. It's only 10 episodes, so it's a quick watch that's really worth it.

Still undecided? Check out the show's official trailer below!

Will you be tuning into Great News? Or have you already watched its first season? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to tune into Great News, Thursdays at 9:30 starting on September 28th.

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