Get Shorty Pilot Review

In this golden age of television, one network arose to provide us with the best entertainment the world has seen. This network endured much hardship to ensure their greatness and in doing so has received the adoration of the masses.

Sadly, this show is not part of that network.


The show follows Miles Daly, a disgruntled underling of mob boss Amara who is trying to fix his marriage. When Miles goes to LA to "take care" of a writer, he finds a script among the writer's belongings and decides to make it into a movie.

I know my opening quote might be in bad taste but I must commend Epix for their push towards original programming. While I doubt this show will put them on the map, I found it was enjoyable. I really like the cast especially Chris O'Dowd and Ray Romano. They were what drew me in and they're the main reason I'm reviewing this show. My main problem with this episode was that even though it was meant as a setup, it was very long. But I hope this improves as the show moves forward

Quote of the week: "One big Mormon block party"

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