Game Day PLAYOFFS #2

The Ratings Junkie Thursday, August 24, 2017

Welcome back to what may be the final edition of the first installment of Game Day! There are three players left: Miguens, Crazy Ex-Nashville Fan, and diegodaily.

All three will place answers to the following descriptions. If one person does better than the other two, they are the winner of Game Day. If not, then the top two will advance for a third round. Enjoy!

Description #1
Many assumed that a certain network was done with veteran renewals after they did a mass renewal in the winter. This made this show's renewal somewhat surprising, given it was made much closer to upfronts. The renewal was for a final season, which would air as a winter bridge series that had more total viewers than the show that aired in the time slot in the fall and spring.

Description #2
This show, which is currently being redeveloped for modern television, started off a night that involved going up against Batman for part of the year. It was not as popular as the two sitcoms that followed it, nor the shows in the same time slot on competing networks, but then again it also aired in a harder time slot.

Description #3
Airing on Saturday and being the #12 show on television doesn't really go together anymore, but once upon a time it was fully possible. It aired on the same night as other classics like The Lawrence Welk Show and Gunsmoke, and not-so-classics like Shindig.

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