The Ratings Junkie Saturday, August 12, 2017
Thanks everyone for participating in the first 15 installments of Game Day. We are now down to six people who will participate in the playoffs. These people are:
1. Miguens (44 points)
2. Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom (39 points)
3. JB (37 points)
4. diegodaily (35 points)
4t. Game of Thrones PT (35 points)
6. Full Boyle (31 points)

All six of you will participate in this round. Three will move on to the next round. The matchups are:

Miguens vs Full Boyle
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom vs Game of Thrones PT
JB vs diegodaily


This show, which aired on a non-Big 3 network, starred a doctor and was created by a company famous for publishing encyclopedias. It didn't last long, with the final episode airing just 9 months after the series premiered. It also managed to get local programming as both a lead-in and a lead-out.

ANSWER: Serving Through Service
Correct: 2/5

This network really wanted viewers to know who starred in their shows. One lineup, which featured a drama, three comedies, and a variety show, had three shows formatted "The [Insert Star's Name Here] Show". For what it's worth, none of those three shows had to air against a show starring a real band, but the show aired on the same night and different network. Anyways, name the show that aired on that night that averaged over 100 episodes per season.

ANSWER: Peyton Place
Correct: 3/5

Networks typically don't schedule comedies at 10:30pm. However, ABC decided to do just that with a soap opera parody that got pulled before finishing its initial episode order.

ANSWER: Good & Evil
Correct: 4/5

AVERAGE: 1.8/3

Miguens (2) beat Full Boyle (0).
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom (3) beat Game of Thrones PT (0)
diegodaily (3) beat JB (1)

Looks like the top two players will advance to the next round, and diegodaily has managed to upset JB to advance.

Miguens (46 points)
Good Behavior in Animal Kingdom (42 points)
diegodaily (38 points)

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