Saturday Cable Ratings, 8/26/17: Hurricane Harvey Coverage Dominates Again, Halt Steady

Below are the Top 25 programs on cable on Saturday, 8/26/17. Items of note include Halt and Catch Fire on AMC and TV coverage of Hurricane Harvey.
18-49 Viewers
Viewers (mil.)
Weather Center LiveWeather0.381.75
Weather Center Live
Dragon Ball Z KaiAdult Swim0.370.77
College GamedayESPN0.340.87
Weather Center LiveWeather0.331.71
Weather Center LiveWeather0.331.67
College FootballESPN0.320.93
Lone Star FlipHGTV0.321.29
Power Rangers Ninja SteelNickelodeon0.311.24
Weather Center LiveWeather0.291.44
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureAdult Swim0.280.59
Weather Center LiveWeather0.281.38
The Cost of FreedomFox News0.282.06
Dragon Ball SuperAdult Swim0.280.67
CNN NewsroomCNN0.281.41
NCAA FootballESPN0.270.72
Fox & Friends (Saturday)Fox News0.272.12
CNN NewsroomCNN0.261.42
Tokyo GhoulAdult Swim0.250.54
Weather Center LiveWeather0.251.33
College FootballESPN0.250.65
Beachfront Bargain Hunt RenoHGTV0.241.25
CNN NewsroomCNN0.241.37
Off the chart, Halt and Catch Fire ticked down to 0.1, while Natalee Holloway stayed steady at that same 0.1. Trisha's Southern Kitchen was at 0.19. MSNBC Live's Harvey coverage was at 0.13.

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