Summer Renew/Cancel, Week 13: 'SNL' Will Get To Keep On Updating You

It's time for Week 13 of the Summer Renew/Cancel! A new show premiered this week, and it was a bright spot in a sad crop of Thursday ratings. Stay tuned for my prediction for it, as well as updates on the rest of the Summer shows.

Certain to be Canceled:
Somewhere Between (0.3)
Zoo (0.5)

Likely to be Canceled:
Salvation (0.6)

Leans Cancellation:
The Night Shift (0.7)

Leans Renewal:
Midnight, Texas (0.8)

Likely to be Renewed:
SNL Weekend Update Thursday (1.2)

Certain to be Renewed:

Fate Determined:
Still Star-Crossed (0.3, DE FACTO CANCELED, correct)
Downward Dog (0.7, CANCELED, correct)
The Carmichael Show (0.8, CANCELED, correct)
Hooten & the Lady (0.2, CANCELED, correct)

Yet to Premiere:
Marlon (August 2017)

SNL Weekend Update Thursday: The Summer premiere of this series, based on SNL's Weekend Update segment, performed very well, growing by half a point from its lead-in and it was 0.7 above its lead-out. A 1.2 is a great performance for any Summer show, especially against Big Brother and with preemptions. NBC is likely pleased with these results, and I can't see this show not returning next season. It starts as a LIKELY RENEWAL, but if it holds up well, expect an upgrade by the time its finale airs.

Midnight, Texas: Midnight, Texas was going to be headed to the Likely Renewal category this week, but then the 0.7 happened. That's nothing that's going to get me to downgrade it, because it's probably still good enough to get a renewal, considering it's an in-house production, but that doesn't mean I'll be rewarding the performance with an upgrade. Well, at least not this week. It still LEANS RENEWAL.

The Night Shift: With the good news for SNL and Midnight, it's time for some bad news for the Night Shift. This show sank to 0.5 last Thursday, well below its latest episode. Initially, I thought that the show would be cancelled, but started changing my mind as it began performing better. But then came its 0.5. Now, it's looking dead, and not much can revive it. It heads back to cancellation territory with a LEANS CANCELLATION prediction, but don't expect it to stay there very long if it stays at 0.5.

Stay tuned next week, when Marlon, the final scripted show to premiere in the Summer season, joins our table, and every Tuesday after that for my other Summer predictions.

What do you think of my predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

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