Sporcle Off-Topic Quizzes of the Week- Holiday Edition/Sporcle Contest Part 5

We're back for Week 5 of the Sporcle Off-Topic Quizzes of the Week! It's time for Christmas in July! Er, not quite. More like Christmas in August. Anyways, we'll be playing Holiday quizzes this week, so get ready for a festive group of quizzes.

1- Lyrics: 'Merry Christmas Darling' - The Carpenters
Merry Christmas Darling is my favorite Christmas song, and it was my first choice when I decided to include a Christmas lyrics quiz in this edition. The Carpenters are one of my favorite music groups, and this song was a huge part of my Christmases growing up and that remains so. The song just brings back so many memories for me and I'm glad there's a Sporcle quiz about it. If you've never heard the song, make sure to listen to it this holiday season (well, if you celebrate Christmas, that is). Also, pro tip: just type in words traditionally in Christmas and love songs. You'll do very well.
My Score: 162/162

2- Famous Faces by Carved Pumpkin
This quiz is a nice mix of pop culture and Halloween, so I thought it would be a fun choice to feature.  It's a Sporcle classic, having been featured as a Sporcle badge requirement. It mixes fictional characters and real people, including Star Wars and Pokemon characters as well as some of the most famous actors and actresses, and even a president. There's a nice variety here, and it's a fun play. I'm addicted to pop culture and celebrities, so it wasn't very difficult for me, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun.
My Score: 25/25

3- Finish the Christmas Song
This is another Sporcle classic, and it's one of my personal favorites. It features some of my favorite Christmas songs (no Merry Christmas Darling, though), in addition to some lesser known songs. It's a Sporcle Christmas tradition, and playing it is also a badge requirement for the Feliz Navidad badge. It's just a nice, traditional little quiz, and there's nothing wrong with that.
My Score: 28/32

1-Crazy Ex-Nashville Fan, 219 points
1t-JB, 219 points
3- Barb, 217 points
3t- Lisa, 217 points
5- Miguens, 192 points
6- Full Boyle, 123 points

This is the first week of the Off-Topic TVRG-Sporcle Tournament. For each week, the number of questions you got correct on each quiz will be added up. The first place finisher receives 3 points for placing first, as well. This is the same scoring system used for the TV edition, which is posted once weekly on Thursdays. Also, to make things fair, please use the score for your first attempt on each quiz as your official score.

Please enter your submission using this Google Form:

Tournament Standings:
1- JB, 589 points
2- Crazy-Ex Nashville Fan, 455 points
3- Barb, 447 points
4- Lisa, 409 points
5- Miguens, 354 points
6- Full Boyle, 234 points
7- Game of Thrones PT, 114 points

Thanks for playing the Sporcle Quizzes of the Week! Make sure to participate in the original TV edition, every Thursday, only on TVRG. Next week on Off-Topic, we'll be playing quizzes in the Miscellaneous category.

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