FOX Renew/Cancel Week 18: I Can See Your Voice Will Be Muted

 Predictions for 01/27/24

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Below are the Week 18 renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network in the 2023-24 television season. The numbers listed in the table mark the Nielsen rating low, average, and high for each respective program in the Adults 18-49 demographic. The "Y2Y (year-to-year) Change" column denotes how much the series has risen or fallen when compared to its average from the previous season. Because of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, there is a limited amount of scripted programming this winter. As a result, reality television will continue to be included in this column. Now that more scripted programming is set to return soon, scripted and reality will be split into two separate charts. 



I Can See Your Voice: I Can See Your Voice has been downgraded in this column and is now Likely to be Canceled. The Ken Jeong reality series began the season with a serviceable 0.31 rating but has since stabilized in the less satisfactory 0.21-0.23 range. The Fox network is currently packed to the brim with reality programming, and there's no way they keep all of these offerings around. I Can See Your Voice is close to the bottom of this roster, getting up there in age, and losing to just about everything that is not TMZ Investigates. Even Celebrity Name That Tune, which spent the fall struggling, is now a solid step above Voice (most recently, Tune managed a 0.28). Fox is full of mediocre performers, and this one isn't even strong enough to be classified as "mediocre". Expect season three to be its final season.

America's Most Wanted: Fox brought back their revival of America's Most Wanted and got a decent 0.30 rating out of it. Considering that this rating is only three-hundredths lower than its finale from April 2021 (0.33), it's safe to say that Most Wanted had a pretty healthy return. This one is Likely to be Renewed, because it feels like the television equivalence of a "legacy act" for the Fox network. The ratings are good enough that it can continue to pop up as filler programming when Fox needs to plug a hole in the schedule, even if it skips a season or two.

TMZ Investigates: TMZ Investigates is the Fox network's attempt at forming a newsmagazine staple, like CBS has with 60 Minutes and NBC has with Dateline. This branding has floated around for a few years with mixed results. Their Tiger King-themed installment posted a whopping 1.0 in 2020, but the Monday premiere managed a meager 0.21. This one is Likely to be Renewed not because of any prowess in the ratings department, but more so because Fox will want to keep the branding around for when a major event hits. If there's a topic being covered that viewers are truly interested in, these type of shows tend to skyrocket even if they otherwise struggle. Much like America's Most Wanted, this will probably skip a season or two but won't disappear altogether. 

The Great North: The co-creator of The Great North has made it official that their team is already working on season 5, meaning that the animated series is effectively Renewed for another season. This serves as an incorrect prediction for this column. Since Fox has publicly renewed all their cartoons aside from North and has treated this show like a midseason afterthought, it felt safe to assume that cancellation was in the cards. Regardless, it appears that the network is interested in staying in business with the Tobins and keeping their animated library large. 

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