CBS Renew/Cancel Week 19: CBS Would Likely Renew NCIS: Sydney If Only They Could


Below is the table of predictions for Week 19 of CBS Renew/Cancel, followed by an analysis. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and voting in the poll!

NCIS: Sydney
NCIS: Sydney wrapped its first, and possibly only, season with a 0.35 Adults 18-49 Live + Same Day demo rating. That’s the same rating that NCIS: Hawai’i averaged last season, with Sydney’s 0.34 seasonal average being neck-and-neck with that of Hawai’i. Granted, NCIS: Hawai’i was one of CBS’s lowest-rated scripted series last year, and NCIS: Sydney had the benefit of airing at 8 pm, but this is remarkable for a show never intended for an American audience. Sydney also showed small growth as the season went on. Its final three airings all rating above its seasonal average, while the first five airings rated at or below its seasonal average.

Whether of not NCIS: Sydney will make it to Season 2 will depend on if Paramount is pleased with its performance on Paramount+ in Australia, and likely how it does when it starts airing regularly on Network 10. Its presence on CBS in the first place demonstrates their continued backing of the NCIS franchise, even as they recently canceled New Orleans and Los Angeles. Sydney will likely be back on CBS in some capacity if it gets renewed in Australia, and NCIS: Origins is on the way as the fifth-ever NCIS series.

Let’s Make A Deal Primetime
Let’s Make A Deal Primetime returned with a 0.39 rating in the A18-49 Live + Same Day demo, by far a season high. It had the benefit of airing after a strong The Price Is Right At Night, which notched a 0.52 rating. While Let’s Make A Deal Primetime doesn’t perform quite as well as The Price Is Right At Night, performances like these solidify its value as schedule filler. If CBS decides they don’t need both The Price Is Right At Night and Let’s Make A Deal Primetime, they’re likely to choose the former over the latter. It remains in the Leans Renew category, above Raid The Cage due to the relative ease and cost effectiveness of creating new episodes. 

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