Splitting Up Together Season 1 Episode 2 Review

I've been excited for episode two of Splitting Up Together all week, and now it's finally here! I'm very excited for more, as the pilot was one of my favorites this season. I had a few issues with the pilot, however, so I'm hoping for some of those issues to be addressed this week.

It's nearly Martin's week in the house with the kids. And Lena's having trouble saying goodbye. Not to her kids, to the blanket on the bed. Later that day, Mae isn't pleased with Martin's "sexism." To prove he isn't sexist, he wrestles with Mae. And knocks her right no the ground. She doesn't fight back, and the boys are very unhappy. Meanwhile, Camille is disgusted with the garage Lena's living in, but Lena insists that everything is a-okay, and declares that a man will finally see her naked again. Back in the house, Mae isn't too happy with Martin's new rules, and she's gonna make his week in the house as painful as possible.

Mae goes to talk to Mae in the garage, and asks to stay there with her. Lena doesn't want her to stay there, telling Mae how much Martin would miss her. Then, Martin stops by to complain about Mae. This is a problem. This leads to Lena and Martin getting in a fight over their parenting styles. Lena tells Camille about the doctor she's going to see, but Camille just wants things to go back to the way they used to be. At the same time, Martin is trying to win Mae over. He fails. He's not happy that Mae doesn't seem to like him very much, but things are made even worse fo him when he sees that Lena is dating already.

On her date with the doctor, Lena starts bossing him around when he goes in for a kiss. Then he gets a message about a patient, and he has to leave. He darts out of the bar, but all hope is not lost for Lena. Another guy at the bar notices her, but that doesn't work out either. At the house, Martin makes dinner for the family, and surprisingly, it's actually pretty good. Mae is glad that her dad actually tried this time, and they seem to bond a little. Lena then gets home, and she discovers that the blanket is on the bed.

I absolutely loved this episode, even more than I loved the pilot. One character that I wish we saw more of in the pilot was Mae, and that was rectified this week. That was certainly the stronger of the plots this week, and I'm glad that Mae actually seems to not hate her dad now! That's fun! I also enjoyed seeing Lena at least try to date, though I'm still kinda hoping that she and Martin get back together. All in all, a funny, sweet, delightful episode that has secured the show as my favorite new show of the season already. What a great way for Jenna Fischer to return to TV.
Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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