Roseanne Season 10 Episode 3 Review

I was very pleasantly surprised with Last week's Roseanne premiere. Revivals are always tricky things, but this show did a great job in recapturing the spirit of the original. I'm excited to see what's in store tonight, when Roseanne gets the chair! And no, that doesn't mean that they're killing Roseanne.

Roseanne discovers that her house is even more of a mess than it usually is, so she wakes Darlene to ask her about it. Darlene blames it on Harris. Later that day, Dan is excited to show Roseanne a stairclimber, which Roseanne doesn't want to use because it's for "old people." Dan tries to convince her to use it, but she still insists that she doesn't need it. Later on, Becky comes to use the washing machine, but she and Roseanne find that Harris has her stuff in it. They tell Darlene to talk to Harris, but she doesn't really want to. In other words, she's not the Darlene she once was.

Harris is going to the mall with people she doesn't know, but Darlene finally puts her foot down. Well, until Harris pushes her around a bit more and then Darlene gives her some money. Roseanne still wants her to put her foot down, but she still won't. That night, Roseanne has to load the dryer so she can actually get clean clothes, but Harris has her stuff in it. That's when Roseanne finally decides to say something. And she also uses the stairclimber. So much progress!

Dan is shocked to find Roseanne on the stairclimber, and he gets a picture of her. Unfortunately, Harris runs right past her so now she has to make her way back down. When Roseanne talks to Harris, Harris talks back to her and Roseanne gives her the talking to that she needs. Harris insults her, and Roseanne reprimands her the best way she knows how: a bit of (necessary) torture. Darlene rushes down, and that's when she finally yells at Harris. And Roseanne. When Harris takes her stuff out of the washing machine, it's discovered that the clothes she's been selling are stolen. Darlene really lays into Harris. That's when Harris tells her that she's been trying to get money to leave and go back to Chicago.

This episode was absolutely hilarious. I just could not stop laughing at it, especially when Roseanne gave Harris the incredibly necessary talk about her behavior. Also, while I wish she was in the episode a bit more, Jackie's few lines this week were hysterical. The episode's story was also a mild improvement on both of last week's, and I appreciate that they're already fleshing out most of the show's new characters. That is something that's absolutely necessary for the show, and I'm glad that they're doing it so early in the season.
Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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