New Mutants Release Date Information

In light of the recent schedule changes in FOX's upcoming film slate, our sources at 20th Century FOX managed to obtain a recording of a conversation between Josh Boone and the executives at FOX studios regarding Boone's 'New Mutants'. We here at TVRG have transcibed the recordings for all the world to see. Take a look:

Image via Collider

[Ring, ring]

[Josh picks up the phone]

Josh: Hello?

FOX: Greetings, Josh.

Josh: Oh, it's you guys. What do you want?

FOX: Well Josh, we have some great news. We have decided to postpone your film 'New Mutants' to August 2019.

Josh: Wait what?! You guys are postponing this again?

FOX: Yes, yes we are

Josh: Are you kidding me? You first delayed it by 10 months and now you want to increase it to 16? The fans are gonna be livid.

FOX: We need time for the reshoots.

Josh: More reshoots? You already made me shoot so many new scenes and even add a completely new character to the story. How much more do you want to change in this God forsaken Young Adult movie?

FOX: But here's the best part, Josh. We don't want New Mutants to be a crappy YA X-MEN movie. We want you to make it a full fledged horror movie.

Josh: Wait what?

FOX: After reviewing the response for the latest trailer, we have decided to focus on the horror aspect of the film. We'll get our money from the Hunger Games fangirls in some other way.

Josh: Ok....

FOX: We will be providing you with more freedom as well. You can now make 'New Mutants' just the way you originally envisioned it. We look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Josh: Oh cool thanks.

[Hangs up]

Josh: Thank God! Now I can finally get rid of Jon Hamm.

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