Marietta Season 1, Episode 9 - What Ever Happened to Baby Eliza?

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There is a knock at Martin and Patty Lynn’s door.
Patty Lynn: I’m coming! Give me one minute!
Patty Lynn opens the door.
Patty Lynn: Oh my god!
Martin: What is it Patty Lynn?
Patty Lynn: It’s… Eliza!
Eliza: Hi Aunt Patty Lynn!
Patty Lynn: It’s been -
Eliza: Fifteen years.
Patty Lynn: Just know that we never forgot you.
Eliza: I know. I was just so ashamed about being a divorced teen mom that I just had to get away.
Patty Lynn: Why didn’t you call? Or come back?
Eliza: That’s why I’m here. I needed to reconnect with you guys. 
Patty Lynn: Come in. It’s time.
Meanwhile, at Marietta’s house, she hears her phone ring.
Marietta: What’s going on, dad?
Martin: It’s your cousin Eliza. She’s back in town.
Marietta: Oh wow. I never thought I’d see her again.
Martin: Your mother doesn’t know I’m calling you. Act shocked when she calls you.
Marietta: Why?
Martin: Because I think she’d really like to be to one t break the news, but I wanted to prepare you. I know you have some strong thoughts about her.
Marietta: I really do. She betrayed me and this entire family.
Martin: I know she did, but I think she’s trying to be better.
Marietta: Well that’s nice. But it’s not going be that easy for me to forgive her.
Martin: Okay, that’s so sweet of you.
Marietta: Bye dad, I’ll be anxiously awaiting mom’s call.
Back at Martin and Patty Lynn’s…
Martin: Alright, she’s home. Let’s go.
Eliza: Is Marietta gonna be angry? Won’t she feel betrayed?
Patty Lynn: She will be, but she’ll get over it. I know my daughter.
Eliza: Are you sure? Because when I didn’t invite her to my school play when i was ten, she didn’t talk to me for a week. She was thirty years old then.
Martin: She was just having a bad week that week. And most weeks at that point.
Eliza: I guess we should go then. Rip the bandage off now.
At Marietta’s house, Marietta hears a knock at her door.
Marietta: Dad, why are you here? I just talked to you like twenty minutes ago.
Martin: Marietta, it’s time to forgive and forget.
Marietta: Huh?
Eliza: Marietta!
Marietta: Bye!
Marietta slams the door.
Eliza: Come on! Don’t leave us out here!
Marietta: Fine. Come in.
Eliza: Really?
Marietta: No. Please leave.
Eliza: We have to talk! I’m not going away! Aunt Patty Lynn! Why are you in the car?
Patty Lynn: I didn’t see this coming. She’s very angry, she ain’t letting us in.
Eliza: But…
Patty Lynn: It’s not worth it. Maybe tomorrow.
Marietta: You know what? You can come in.
Eliza: Really?
Marietta: Yes. I want you to explain yourself to me. Mom, you’re coming in too.
Patty Lynn: Okay, I’m one with that.
Martin: What about me?
Marietta: Is someone talking?
Martin: Marietta!
Marietta: Guess not. Come on you two.
In Marietta’s house…
Marietta: Explain yourself, Eliza.
Eliza: Oh, we’re getting right into it.
Marietta: You bet. So I hope you know how hurt I was when you left in the middle of the night 17 years ago.
Eliza: I know, Marietta -
Marietta: You never called me! In almost 20 years, you never called once!y 
Eliza: I’m sorry. I was so ashamed. At first because I was 16 and pregnant and divorced! So I went to live with my aunt in Virginia. Then I was ashamed at the way I abandoned the family. I’m so sorry.
Marietta: I didn’t know. I thought you just didn’t care.
Eliza: No! Never! I thought about you guys so much.
Patty Lynn: I just want to say that, from an onlooker’s prospective, this is very beautiful to witness. I’m crying!
Eliza: This is really amazing I never thought it would feel this great to be together again.
Marietta: I know! I’m so happy!
Eliza: Tomorrow, would you like to meet my family? We have a lot to catch up on!
Marietta: Of course! Let’s meet at the mayor’s mansion. I’m sure Milton would love to see you as well!
The next day, at the mayor’s mansion…iv
Milton: Who’s there?
Eliza: It’s me.
Milton: Oh my god, Eliza! It’s been so long. And you brought kids! And your friends?
Eliza: My wife and son-in-law.
Milton: Oh, so nice to meet you all!
Marietta: I’m here too!
Milton: Oh hey Marietta.
Patty Lynn: I’m also here!
Marietta: We’re the third wheels, mom.
Patty Lynn: Can there be two? Wouldn’t it be a third wheel and also a fourth wheel?
Marietta: I don’t know.
Eliza: This is my wife Elena, my daughter Henrietta guys, and Henrietta’s daughter Charlotte and boyfriend - sorry, husband Mason.
Henrietta: Oh Charlotte, you keep dropping your pacifier!
Mason: Let me take her back to the hotel, I think she’s sleepy.
Marietta: Hotel? I thought you were gonna move here
Eliza: Oh yeah, we are! We’re just still trying to find an apartment so we’re staying at the Hotel De L’eau Vive.
Patty Lynn: The Hotel De La Whatnow?
Eliza: De L’eau Vive. It’s very nice, but we really need a place to call our own.
Milton: I can change that. There’s a very nice bungalow that I used as a campaign headquarters. But I’m retiring from public life, so you can live there. Free of charge!
Eliza: Oh, that’s so sweet! I guess we’ll take it.
Marietta: I think we might have to help you fix it up before you move in. It’s a bit of a mess.
Eliza: Well Milton’s always been a bit of a mess!
Marietta: Oh I’ve missed you!
Milton: Good to see nothing’s changed between y’all.
Patty Lynn: Please, remember that I’m here!
Milton: Mom, sit down.
Patty Lynn: I am sitting!
Milton: Not what I mean!
Marietta’s phone rings.
Marietta: What is it Tammy, I’m really busy catching up with my family.
Tammy: Remember when I told you that there would be a mayoral debate soon?
Marietta: Yeah.
Tammy: It’s on Friday. So we gotta start practicing right now!
Marietta: Oh my god!!! What the hell???
Marietta hangs up.
Marietta: I’m sorry Eliza, I gotta go!
Eliza: Oh that’s fine! We’ll catch up later.
Patty Lynn: I just noticed it, but Eliza’s accent is gone. That’s sad.
Milton: What a random thing to say, mom.

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