Life In Pieces Season 3 Episode 16 Review

Life in Pieces adds to the recent strange TV trend of random musical numbers with this week's episode. Plus, Matt and Colleen are still trying to have a baby! I don't know if that storyline is included in this week's episode, but it's in every episode so of course it is.

In the first story, Jen is upset to see that Lark is wearing one of Colleen's old pageant dresses. She wants to say something to Colleen to discourage her from dressing Lark up, but Greg convinces her not to say anything. Later, Colleen brings over even more outfits to dress up Lark, and it becomes clear that this isn't just going to go away. When Colleen tells Jen and Greg that she signed LArk up for a pageant, Jen puts an end to it. Jen then says something that turns this into a story about Colleen getting pregnant, which is *so* great. Colleen gets upset, and then Jen tells her she'll let Colleen continue to dress up Lark. Wonderful.

In the second story, Joan's boke has been stolen. She enlists Matt's help in finding it, and they try to find it on Craigslist. It takes a bit for her to get the hang of Craigslist, but she eventually finds it. She wants to get the bike by herself, but Matt, Greg and Tim all go with. When they get to the guy's house, he doesn't want to give it to her without proof that it's really hers. He says he's selling the bike for a friend, and when he goes to ask the friend if they'd take $80 for it, they steal it. Unfortunately, they forget Tim. Again.

In the third story, Heather is trying to get rid of Sophia's stuffed animals, without Sophia's knowledge. Sophia immediately finds out about this plan, and she really doesn't want to give any of her toys away. Sophia bursts into song, and this convinces Heather to let her keep them.

In the fourth story, John discovers that Tyler and Clementine have been making jerky in their house. They tell him that they're using his face on the packaging, and he wants some of their profit. They agree to this. The next day, they are all trying to sell the jerky, and John is trying to give them some pointers on making sales. They won't listen to him, so he leaves. He is eventually able to sell it as dog treats, with the help of Tank.

I didn't hate this episode, but it really wasn't that good. I was honestly kind of bored by it, with only the second story being strong. That second story was very strong, and it was great that it focused on Joan and the guys, and not Joan being with the girls or John. It was a nice change of pace, and it worked very well. Poor Tim, though! The song from the third story was pretty cute, but it wasn't funny at all. Last time I checked, this is a comedy show, so being funny is really important. And it missed the mark there. Still, it was better than the other two stories. The fourth story was so incredibly mediocre. It took until the end of it to actually get enjoyable, but at least it did get enjoyable. That's more than I can say about the first story, which was just so terrible. Not only did it manage to remind me of this show's worst-ever recurring storyline, but it also sent an odd moral message. Do better, Life In Pieces writers!
Score: 6/10
Grade: C-

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