Jess’s Take: A Review of Wednesday, Episode 1 - Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe


Jessica here, and I have returned. Recently, I started watching the new series Wednesday on Netflix. 

1x01 - Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe
We find the main character, Wednesday Addams, finding her brother Puggsley tied up in a locker, so she decides to put piranhas in the swimming pool to stick it to the bullies. She gets expelled and is soon enrolled at Nevermore Academy. Gomez and Morticia send Thing to watch over her. She then meets her roommate Enid Sinclair, her complete opposite, and duels with Bianca, the popular girl, after she bullies another boy, Rowan. Later, Wednesday is nearly killed by a falling gargoyle but is saved by Bianca's ex-boyfriend Xavier. After escaping her court-ordered therapy session, Wednesday meets Tyler, a coffee barista who agrees to help her escape from Nevermore. However, Wednesday gets apprehended by principal Larissa Weems and taken back to the school. Later, Tyler and Wednesday meet at the local carnival, and Wednesday gets a vision of Rowan's death. Rowan attempts to kill her but is murdered by the monster.

From watching this episode, the show has a lot of potential to be good. It has Tim Burton at the helm for at least four episodes from the series. Jenna Ortega's performance of Wednesday has the humor and deadpan needed. Of course, the cameos delivered. I give this episode a 9/10. 

This review seems pretty short, but it is enough for me to keep going. 

And there you have it with Jess's Take. Stay tuned for more installments. 

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