Paramount+ Renew/Cancel: Criminal Minds and SEAL Team Are Looking Strong


Below is a table of the scripted Paramount+ original series with outstanding fates as well as renew/cancel predictions for each show. Past Paramount+ Renew/Cancel columns relied heavily on Parrot Analytics audience demand multipliers, with a 1.0 multiplier being the average compared to all tracked shows, to make predictions to mixed results. This time, while Parrot Analytics audience demand multipliers are still reported in this table to give a numerical value to each show’s performance, predictions are based primarily on what is trending on Paramount+ and the accessibility of the given show on the platform. All figures and analysis are current as of Wednesday, December 28. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and a comment! 

For context, here is a table with the audience demand multipliers of all Paramount+ originals that have already been renewed:

Criminal Minds: Evolution
The 16th season of Criminal Minds, branded as Criminal Minds: Evolution, has a TV-MA rating and is more serialized in nature than the 15 seasons that aired on CBS. Demand is respectable at best, and the 7-day audience multiplier is significantly lower than the 30-day multiplier, indicating declining interest. However, keeping in mind that the first 15 seasons of Criminal Minds’ 7-day audience multiplier is a 30.3 in the United States and a 26.7 worldwide, and it’s plausible to think that this 16th season is contributing the success of the series as a whole. Combined with Criminal Minds: Evolution, Criminal Minds is the #1 trending show on Paramount+ at the moment. Given the season does not conclude until February 9, there is still plenty of time for Paramount to announce a renewal ahead of the season finale. 

The move to Paramount+ appears to have given new life to SEAL Team, a show that always had rather weak retention from Survivor when it aired on CBS. As of this writing, it is the #7 trending show on Paramount +, as well as the #7 drama and the #5 Paramount+ original series. High demand as reported by Parrot Analytics indicates this show also has an active audience. The only clear factor that could complicate a renewal is the fact that it has now aired for six seasons, and it’s been over a month since Season 6 finished airing with no news on a Season 7. Cast members typically sign on for six or seven seasons of a series, and there’s a chance a show meant to air on CBS is simply too expensive to continue on a relatively small streaming service. Episode counts have already been drastically reduced from the pre-COVID CBS days of 20-22 episodes; Season 5 was 14 episodes, and Season 6 was 10 episodes. Still, the fact there seems to be a clear audience for SEAL Team on Paramount+ will likely entice Paramount to renew the show for a seventh season. 

The Game
Paramount+’s revival of The Game is currently airing its second season on a weekly basis. Although the Parrot Analytics audience demand multipliers are terribly low, it is the #22 trending show overall at the moment on Paramount+, the #4 comedy, and the #2 Paramount+ original comedy. It appears to have also brought viewership to the original series, which is currently the #45 trending show. For now, there are positive signs for The Game, although if it drops off all Trending lists the outlook may start to look bleaker. 

Transformers: EarthSpark
Transformers: EarthSpark is a co-production with Nickelodeon, and was released in its entirety on November 11. While it is not featured prominently on Paramount+ or even one of the 30 shows in the Trending section for Nickelodeon shows, it would not be surprising if a decision is held back until after more episodes air on Nickelodeon. It is worth noting that Transformers: Earthspark is distributed by eOne and not Paramount. Also, eOne’s parent company Hasbro put eOne up for sale just weeks after Transformers: EarthSpark premiered. After investor pushback, Hasbro has abandoned their quest to own an entertainment studio to use as a vehicle for their properties like Transformers. This could potentially complicate a renewal and is the reason why this bubble show is predicted as Tilts Cancel instead of Tilts Renew. 

Players is a comedy that aired one 10-episode season in June and July and is no longer prominently featured on Paramount+. It’s not because of a competitive comedy landscape; three of the eight shows currently in the ‘Trending’ section under Comedy are Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, and I Love Lucy. Paramount+ appears to be struggling when it comes to original comedies, and at this point it’s been over half a year since the first season finished airing with no signs of a renewal in sight. There is a chance Paramount+ is patient and gives it a second chance, but it’s much more likely they pour their resources into promoting upcoming titles like the new Frasier spinoff instead. 

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder
This live-action remake of the kids cartoon The Fairly OddParents is one of many Paramount+ originals aimed at kids that eventually made its way onto Nickelodeon’s schedule. Ratings on Nickelodeon are anemic, and unlike all the other Paramount+ imports, it is not even featured in the Nickelodeon section on Paramount+. The only way to find The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder is to search for it or scroll through the A-Z Kids section. While there are still more episodes to air on Nickelodeon, it’s been about 9 months since all episodes of the first season dropped on Paramount+ without any news of another season. A renewal does not seem likely at this point, and Paramount+ is likely hoping the live-action Dora the Explorer reboot fares better. 

Blood & Treasure
If the name Blood & Treasure sounds vaguely familiar, the first season aired on CBS in summer 2019. You’d be forgiven if you figured it was canceled after a single season, as its Live + Same Day A18-49 seasonal average of 0.41 was less than half of the 2018-19 league average. Airing most of its season after reruns of FBI and NCIS, it was far from a high priority on CBS’s schedule, making a Season 2 renewal look unlikely. They ultimately did renew the show, and after a long delay added the second second to Paramount+ from July through October 2022. The Parrot Analytics multipliers look surprisingly healthy, but you won’t find Blood & Treasure trending or featured anywhere other than the standard relevant A-Z show title sections. Perhaps more importantly, it’s been so long since Season 1 aired that the cast options have almost certainly expired by now. Because of this, Blood & Treasure is predicted as a Certain Cancel. 

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