The CW Renew/Cancel Part 3: Just How Safe are the All American Shows?

Things just keep getting worse for the programming of The CW, as the network's new owners make it clear that massive cuts are incoming. Keep reading to see which shows are looking more endangered now than they ever have before.



All American

Likely Renewal


Likely Renewal

All American: Homecoming

Leans Renewal

Walker Independence

Leans Renewal

The Winchesters

Leans Renewal

Kung Fu

Likely Cancellation



Gotham Knights

Premiering Midseason

Superman & Lois

Premiering Midseason

Nancy Drew

Final Season

The Flash

Final Season


Final Season

All American: It's the CW's top show in the 18-49 demo for the third year running, so obviously All American is safe, right? I'm not so sure. I do think the football drama is the safest bet for renewal on The CW, but the network's recent sale to Nexstar has left every show in at least some danger. Multiple outlets have reported that the network's new management plans to retain very little original programming from the previous era of the CW. This much has already become apparent, with shows Nancy Drew and Stargirl already being axed, and even the network staple Whose Line, their longest-running show, announcing its own end despite likely being very cheap to produce. All this is to say that though All American should be safe based on ratings, there are factors beyond ratings, and even beyond streaming performance, that will be weighed into the network's renewal decisions - more than any other network or in any other year. It's hard to know what the new "brand" will be for The CW, but their recent pickups have suggested a move towards older-skewing shows, which is another hindrance for All American, which skews young - despite being 40% higher the 18-489 demo rating than Walker, it enjoys slightly above half the average viewership of that series. I would imagine that All American, an apparent streaming over-performer, will be shown a bit of mercy by The CW, and receive a final season even if it doesn't fit into the "vision" of the new owners. However, I can't say that with any certainty. It is only a LIKELY RENEWAL on a network with very little certainty at this juncture.

All American: Homecoming: A far harder call than its parent series, Homecoming has premiered at a perilous time to be a CW show. In any season before these last two, a solid demo performer like Homecoming would be an easy renewal, especially given that it is a spinoff of a top network performer. Nowadays, though, its future looks highly in doubt. It's a young show, meaning that unlike All American, there's little reason The CW would grant it a final season renewal to give it closure. With eight shows competing for a TBD-but-limited number of slots next season, it's hard to guess whether Homecoming will be one of them. In spite of solid 18-49 ratings, it is one of the least-watched shows on the network in total viewers, a metric that the network's new owners seem to value. Homecoming's future will ultimately come down to the number of slots available on the schedule next season, and Homecoming is going to have to hope that the network is going to keep more than just "a couple of shows," as has been said. It now LEANS RENEWAL.

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