TVRGO New Series + Renewals News

TVRGO (TV Ratings Guide Originals) will continue to expand with the addition of three new series: Bar Exam, Put Me In, and 5666. The poster arts are below.

A spinoff of The Bullpen, Bar Exam follows a baseball player who has decided to open up a bar with his favorite food. His regular visitors include a group of law school students, as well as members from his baseball team.

Put Me In is a comedy that follows Carter Danderson, a brand new relief pitcher for the fictional Philadelphia Pioneers. When the team's star pitcher is horribly injured, Carter is added to the starting rotation. Carter isn't used to all of the fame, but he's glad to be in the spotlight.

5666 The Patosi family was an average American family living in suburban Pennsylvania. They were well-off financially, lived a happy life, and had a bright future. That is, until they moved to Sugar Hill, a new housing development that consists of one hundred nearly-identical homes. Their address, which was randomly assigned to them, is 5666 Greene Street. Believing the "666" in the home's address to be a sign that the residents have been marked for death, the home attracts the attention of a dangerous cult just two weeks after the Patosis move in. Now, the Patosis are unknowingly in the sights of a group that is setting out to destroy them, with the cult prepared to strike at any time.

Additionally, Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream will be returning for a 3rd season.

Finally, The Bullpen's 18-episode order for its current season has been upped to 22. The final four episodes will be posted on Saturdays in October at 8pm Eastern time, and will serve as a precursor to Bar Exam. The end of the season can serve as a series finale, though future episodes are possible at a later date.

Interested in writing your own TVRGO show? Details coming soon!

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