The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 12: Bryan and the Baby

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Bryan: closer
Eli: left-handed specialist

Jason: Another boring game.
Robert: It's only been one inning, maybe it'll get better.
Eli: Think we're pitching today?
Jason: That's about as likely as getting Lorenzo to stop eating our food. 
Lorenzo: And drinking your lemonade. You know what I say, when life gives you lemonade, drink it.
Jason: You've never had a saying. Now, who has any ideas on how we can make this game a little better?
Bryan: I have to leave.
Jason: I know you can be annoying to be around sometimes but you don't have to leave for us to have fun.
Bryan: Obviously. But I still have to leave. My wife's going into labor.
Eli: Your wife is pregnant?
Kurt: You have a wife?
Bryan: I do have a life outside of this bullpen you know.
Eli: Yeah but you never talk about it.
Bryan: We know nothing about your personal life either.
Eli: True.
Jason: What are you still doing here?? Go visit your wife!
*Bryan exits*
Jason: You guys think he actually has a wife?
Lorenzo: Nope. Despite what you may think, I don't have a wife.

Jason: Not you, Bryan.
Lorenzo: What about him?
Jason: Never mind.

Eli: What do you say we all ditch this and go visit Bryan's wife?
Kurt: How do you even suppose we find him?
Eli: Shouldn't be tough to catch up to a car that barely moves.
Robert: You're right, his car is old.
Jason: Let's go. We'll take my car.
Eli: Who's driving?
Jason: Who do you think?
Eli: Just making sure. There was that time you made Lorenzo drive you to the game.
Jason: I had just got out of surgery, remember?
Kurt: News to me.
*They all go to Jason's car and cramp in. Jason turns the team's baseball game on the radio.*
Lorenzo: So I'm thinking--
Jason: Quiet.
Radio Announcer: Yet again it appears that the bullpen is missing. This is simply unacceptable. I know they don't pitch too often, but you have to wonder if they don't pitch because they don't care.
Eli: Uh, we don't care because we don't pitch, genius.
Kurt: He can't hear you.
Jason: Please tell me I don't hear the crowd booing.
Lorenzo: You do.
Jason: We need to turn around and do some damage control.
Robert: No! Bryan needs us.
Jason: Does he?
Robert: No but I'd rather be there than at the game. Who goes to a place where they're being booed if they don't have to?
Jason: OK, looks like Bryan is pulling into...a house now. That liar.
*They arrive at the house and get out of the car.*
Jason: Nice try Bryan.
Bryan: My wife called. She had the baby here. Come on in.
*They enter the house. Bryan introduces the team to his wife.*
Lorenzo: Why's the baby crying? Am I making it cry?
Bryan: No, it', a newborn baby. 

Lorenzo: Right.
Bryan: Nice of you all to visit me, I heard they're not too happy with you at the game. Especially the radio announcer.
Jason: We know. Happy for you Bryan, see you tomorrow at the game!
Bryan: Oh. Yeah, I think I might be taking some time off.
Lorenzo: So you're not coming to my cookout later this week?
Bryan: I will. Just, we all know the team doesn't need me. Let's make a toast to not getting booed.

Lorenzo: Great idea, I'll make some toast! What do you have for bread?
Bryan: Or not. 

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