The TV Ratings Guide Welcomes New TVRGO Website

The TV Ratings Guide Originals (TVRGO) is a feature on The TV Ratings Guide that started in early 2018 with the premieres of Network and Marietta. The feature has grew to the point where in fall 2019, TVRGO is scheduled to have eight shows posted on a weekly basis. We understand this can become overwhelming.

That's what we've decided to launch a new TVRGO website: Episodes of TVRGO shows will continue to be posted on The TV Ratings Guide, and this is our new way of archiving the episodes and give TVRGO the attention we think it deserves.

The design of the website is very minimalistic. Anything you want to find can be found by clicking on a picture. To find an episode of a show, click on the image of the show on the front page. From there, depending on the show, either click on the poster art for the episode title, or click on the season to be brought to those poster arts. Right now, you will be redirected to The TV Ratings Guide to read the episodes. Episodes are listed in chronological order.

In addition to reading TVRGO shows, there is also an option to submit your own idea, check out the poster arts to our upcoming shows, and view the month's schedule. Additionally, Disqus has been installed for the convenience of commenting on the site should you wish.

You can easily access the website either by bookmarking it, or clicking on the TVRGO logo at the top of The TV Ratings Guide. You can also find it by clicking on the picture in this post.

We hope you enjoy this new website. Let us know what you think and if you have any problems!

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