The Bullpen Season 2 Episode 13: Lorenzo’s Kitchen

Kurt: long-term reliever-turned starting pitcher
Lorenzo: middle-relief pitcher
Jason: bullpen coach
Robert: 8th inning/setup pitcher
Eli: left-handed specialist

Lorenzo: Here we are.
Eli: I thought you said you were taking us to your backyard.
Lorenzo: Not anymore. Here's my restaurant!
Jason: You're what?
Lorenzo: My restaurant!
Bryan: How are you going to be able to keep this up while also being on the team?
Lorenzo: We can figure that out later, but remember I don't exactly pitch a lot.
Kurt: You don't pitch at all. Also, why is Bryan exempt from this?
Lorenzo: His wife is a really good cook, I wouldn't want to let him down.
Robert: His wife just had a kid. I'm pretty sure she's not cooking right now.
Jason: So...can we walk in now?
Lorenzo: Of course! Welcome to Lorenzo's Kitchen, everyone!
Robert: Wow, this place looks really nice. It's clean, organized, looks brand new too.
Lorenzo: Yeah, the place was just built this year. Let me show you to the kitchen.
*They walk to the kitchen.*
Eli: This kitchen is huge!
Lorenzo: Yeah. Plenty of room to make all the food.
Jason: Where did you even get the money to own this place?
Lorenzo: I just used my paychecks from my time in the bullpen.
Jason: I'm surprised you even have any left after all the cotton candy and hot dog vendors you've chased.
Lorenzo: Me too. Alright, I'm gonna eat now.
Eli: Uh...don't you have to prepare the food?
Lorenzo: I brought some gummy bears in my pocket.
Kurt: Can I have one?
Jason: Don't push it Kurt, you don't want to make him mad.
Lorenzo: Fine, I'll have my gummy bears later. You don't even know how much food I have back in the kitchen, so order up.
Robert: Aren't you going to tell us what you have as options?
Lorenzo: Don't you know what I like to eat?
Robert: You're asking me to order cotton candy, aren't you?
Lorenzo: Purple or yellow?
Robert: Those are different colors that normal. Purple, I guess.
Jason: I'll have some hot dog ice cream. I assume you have it since you're Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: Of course I have hot dog ice cream! Coming right up.
Robert: You're gonna get my food first though, right?
Jason: Get mine first, I'm your coach and that's my order!
*The other players look at him.*
Jason: Is what I would say if I was a mean coach, take your time, whenever it's ready is good.
Kurt: I'll have the burger.
Lorenzo: Which one?
Kurt: I'm sure there's one you came up with that only you would like. That one.
Eli: I'll have a waffle bowl.
Jason: Hey remember when Garry had all of us come to his house to play wiffle ball and on the invite he wrote waffle bowl?
Lorenzo: Yeah, I was pretty disappointed, I only went there to find out what a waffle bowl was!
Eli: Exactly why I ordered it.
 Lorenzo: I'm gonna prepare the food now. Sit down at a table and I'll be right back. I'll also get you all some drinks from the bar.
*Lorenzo prepares the food and brings it to the players. They start to eat.*
Jason: Lorenzo, this is quite the restaurant you have here.
Robert: You should have no problem getting customers in here.
Eli: Yeah, it's located right near the baseball field and some universities.
Bryan: I just have one question: when is this place opening?
Lorenzo: I have no clue. Hopefully soon.

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