Our House Season 1 Finale - Our Purse

 Our House Season 1, Episode 15
Our Purse

Teri: It’s so nice to have a fun girls trip now that we’re all home!
Danielle: It is. I’m still not quite over you, Velma and Betty stranding all of us in Maine for an entire weekend, but it’s still nice to take a nice trip to the mall to hang out. 
Teri: I would have brought you along with us, but you didn’t know about our plan and we had to get out of there quickly. Plus, you were also going along with the plan to leave mom in Maine.
Danielle: It wasn’t like it was my idea. I just didn’t stop it; because she was driving me nuts too.
Teri: She drives us all nuts, but we don’t all conspire to abandon her in Maine. Anyway, let’s not talk about that unpleasantness, we’re here to have some fun!
Danielle: Yeah, we are. But where did everyone go? I haven’t seen them since we got out of the movie theater.
Teri: I think Tammi and my mom went into Forever 21 -
Danielle: What?
Teri: Yeah, I know. Anyway, Velma and Cindy went to the candy store.
Danielle: Why did they all split up? Couldn’t we have all gone to those stores together?
Teri: We could have. But we didn’t.
Betty: Teri! Is that you?
Teri (yelling): Yes mom!
Betty: Don’t yell at me!
Teri: I did it so you could hear me.
Tammi: You need to be quiet you two, we’re making a scene. Not quite like the scene grandma made in Forever 21, but still, it’s probably best to quiet down.
Teri: Mom, what did you do?
Tammi: One of the girls working there made a quip about it not being “Forever 81” and grandma flipped out.
Teri: I would’ve done the same thing. That’s extremely disrespectful to say about a customer.
Tammi: I thought the same thing. That’s why I reported her to the manager. When i stepped away to do that, grandma confronted her and all h-e-double hockey sticks broke loose. She was just a high school kid, probably working a summer job, so I tried to go easy on her. Grandma almost killed her. It was terrifying.
Teri: You go, mom.
Betty: Thank you Teri, at least someone believes in me.
Teri: So, when do you guys think Velma and Cindy will get back from their sugar rush?
Danielle: Probably tomorrow. They’re both so slow and the two of them together, it’s a toxic combination.
Velma: Hey, who are you calling toxic?
Danielle: Oh my goodness, you’re back?
Velma: Yes, and we got candy for everyone. Care for a Skybar?
Danielle: What the hell is that?
Velma: It’s a candy bar with four sections, one filled with caramel, one with peanut, one with fudge, and one with vanilla.
Danielle: Sounds different. I’m gonna save it for later. I’ll keep it safe in my purse.
Velma: You’re welcome.
Danielle: Thank you.
Teri: So guys, what did you think of the movie?
Betty: I really liked it. But why was it called The Kitchen? It wasn’t about cooking.
Teri: Mom…
Betty: What?
Danielle: It was set in Hell’s Kitchen.
Betty: Thank you, Danielle. At least someone doesn’t try to ridicule me whenever I don’t know something they all know.
Teri: I was just joking with you, don’t take everything so seriously.
Betty: Alright, I’ll try not to.
Teri: Anyway, are you guys ready to go?
Velma: Yeah, let’s get out of here. It’s almost time for dinner and Cindy’s eaten about half of the candy she bought.
Cindy: I don’t feel very well.
Velma: I know Cindy, I know.
Danielle: You guys head home, I’m gonna head to the Disney Store to buy me nephew something for his birthday. I have no idea what to buy him so I might be awhile. I’ll see you all soon.
Teri: Alright, see you at home.
Thirty minutes later…
Danielle: Thank god, I can finally get home. This has been a long day.
A man runs up to Danielle and snatches her purse from her.
Danielle: Hey! Bring that back to me! I’ve got a weird candy bar in there that I’d very much enjoy trying! 
Danielle watches the man run away until he disappears into the crowd.
Danielle: No! Get back here!
Woman: Did you just get robbed?
Danielle: Yes He took my purse and my phone and even my keys.
Woman: Hi, I’m Sandy. There’s a payphone right down by that bathroom over there. Here’s one dollar in quarters for you to make a call to someone to come and pick you up.
Danielle: Oh, Sandy, that’s so generous of you.
Sandy: Just paying it forward. A random stranger was kind to me last week and I needed to pay the kindness forward now. My only request is that you do the same.
Danielle: I will. Thank you.
Sandy: Would you like me to wait with you while you call someone?
Danielle: I would like that.
Sandy: Then I will. Just give me one moment to get the coins out of my purse.
Danielle: Take all the time you need. Not like I can go anywhere.
Sandy: Found them! Here you go dear, go make your call.
Danielle and Sandy walk down to the payphone and she dials the number for the house. Jerry answers.
Danielle: Jerry! It’s so nice to hear a friendly voice.
Jerry: What’s wrong, Danielle? Why are you calling from an unknown number?
Danielle: I just got robbed. He took my purse and everything in it.
Jerry: I’m sorry to hear that. Do you need someone to pick you up?
Danielle: Yes, please send Teri.
Jerry: I’ll talk to her.
Danielle: Thank you Jerry. I appreciate it. So much.
Jerry: It really isn’t a big deal, she’s right at the dinner table one room away from me. 
Danielle: The fact that anyone is showing me kindness is a big deal to me right now. This has me so shaken up.
Jerry: Just relax. It’s going to be okay.
Danielle: I better let you go. See you soon.
Jerry: Stay safe.
Danielle hangs up the phone and waits for Teri to pick her up. Twenty minutes later, Teri gets there.
Danielle: Bye Sandy, thanks for waiting with me! And thanks for the dollar!
Sandy: You are very welcome. Just an old lady trying to be nice to a youngster.
Danielle: Aww, you are too sweet.
Teri and Danielle drive off and head home.
Teri: What happened?
Danielle: I was walking out of the Disney Store and heading to my car when a man ran up to me and grabbed my purse. 
Teri: You should go to the police! Maybe they could help you.
Danielle: I saw his face but I don’t think I’d be able to describe it to the police. I just want to go home.
Teri: Alright, we’ll go. If you change your mind, I will turn this card around.
Danielle: I appreciate that.
Teri: Are you okay? I’m worried about you, you seem upset.
Danielle: This whole thing has been so traumatic, I’m just upset by it. That man has everything in my purse. My credit cards, my money, my driver’s license, my keys, my phone, everything. He knows where I live. Where we all live. He has my keys. He can come to our house at any time and do whatever he wants. That’s terrifying. I’m not okay. I’m not.
Teri: Danielle, it’s okay to not be okay after that. I’m taking you to the police station, you need to report this. Especially if you’re this scared. I’ll to call dad while you talk to the cops.
Danielle: Why are you calling Karl?
Teri: Because he’s the only handy one around the house and we have to change the locks.
Danielle: I’m so sorry this happened. I wish I would have just come home with you guys.
Teri: No. This is not your fault, Danielle. Don’t apologize for it.
Danielle: Alright. Let’s go report this.
At the police station…
Danielle: Hi, I’d like to report a robbery.
Clerk: Alright, I’ll let one of our officers know you’re here and they’ll be with you shortly. 
Danielle: Thank you.
Meanwhile, Teri is on the phone with Karl.
Teri: Dad, can you please run to the hardware store tonight?
Karl: What do you need? Your mother wanted to watch a movie tonight but I can make a quick run.
Teri: I just found out that Danielle’s keys and wallet were both in her purse when she got robbed. We need to change the locks. Nobody’s going to feel safe without that done and I don’t trust any of the other guys at home to do it. They’re the least handy group of dudes I’ve ever seen. And the ladies, they’re even worse.
Karl: I’ll go there now. And I’ll tell Jerry to make sure this thief doesn’t get in the house. He may have almost killed Frank that one time he tried to do work around the house, but I trust him to keep the house secure.
Teri: Thanks, dad.
Karl: No problem. Bye.
Teri hangs up.
Danielle: I filed the report. Can we go home now?
Teri: Yeah, let’s go.
Twenty minutes later, Teri and Danielle arrive home.
Danielle: Thank god we’re finally here. I have so many calls to make now.
Velma: Danielle! I heard what happened, I’m so sorry. You’re gonna miss out on so much Skybar goodness.
Danielle: That’s not my concern right now but that you for your sympathy.
Cindy: Do you need help calling and cancelling your credit cards?
Danielle: No, I’m fine. I just want to be alone right now.
Cindy: Alright, just let any of us know if you need anything.
Four days later…
Tammi: Where has Danielle been lately?
Teri: She’s been up in her room since she got robbed. She's even called off work.
Tammi: Is she okay?
Teri: Everyone keeps asking her that and I don’t think she wants to hear it. We need to just let her be.
Tammi: I want to go talk to her.
Teri: Good luck.
Tammi knocks on Danielle’s door.
Tammi: Danielle, can I come in?
Danielle: Yeah, come on in. 
Tammi: Aunt Teri told me not to bug you but -
Danielle: Your aunt was just trying to be considerate. But I appreciate you coming to see me.
Tammi: How are you doing? I haven’t seen you at all these past few days, we miss you.
Danielle: I’m just embarrassed and I feel so guilty.
Tammi: This is not your fault. You didn’t ask to be robbed. Someone else did that to you, and you couldn’t have stopped it. Don’t let him win.
Danielle: That’s the problem. Someone else did it to me. I felt so powerless. I have always considered myself to be strong and independent and from that moment on, I haven’t felt that way. I was a single mother, and I had to raise my kids all by myself and I did it. When my entire family left Virginia and I was all alone, I lived through that. Now I just feel like a victim and I never wanted to be that.
Tammi: It’s okay to be the victim sometimes, as long as you pick yourself back up. And I know you can do that. You’ve been like a second aunt to me and I just want to see you do well. This entire family wants that for you. You are our family.
Danielle: Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to hear you say that.
Tammi: So, do you want to come out of your room? Maybe we can go to Starbucks together?
Danielle: I need to take a shower but yeah, that’d be nice.
Tammi: I’m just glad you’re finally getting out of the house.
Danielle: Yeah, me too.
One hour later, Tammi and Danielle arrive at Starbucks.
Tammi: So, what are you going to get?
Danielle: I can’t breathe.
Tammi: What’s wrong?
Danielle: Oh my god.
Tammi: Danielle, what is the matter?
Danielle: That’s him.
Tammi: Who?
Danielle: The barista. That’s him.
Tammi: Come on, let’s go back to the car.
Danielle: No, I want to go in. I want to face him.
Tammi: Danielle, no. I’m going to the car. Come with me. We can call the cops and get justice for you.
Danielle: Alright. But I want to be there when he’s arrested. I want to see his face.
Tammi: Speaking of his face, how do you know it’s him? Teri said you couldn’t really describe him.
Danielle: Look at him, could you describe that? He has the blandest face ever. He looks like a walking can of beige paint. But I know it’s him.
Tammi: That’s true. He does have a bland face. Now that we’re done making fun of that idiot, I should call the cops.
Tammi calls the cops, and they arrive one hour later.
Danielle: Oh god, they’re bringing him out. I’m going to have to confront him.
Tammi: I thought you wanted that.
Danielle: That was just tough talk. I’m terrified.
Tammi: Don’t be. You won.
Officer: Ms. McGinty -
Danielle: Yes?
Officer: Thank you for waiting for us. We had to receive a warrant. Luckily for you, the security camera in the mall parking garage did catch a car on the day you were robbed that matches his plates. That helped us retain the warrant quickly. We searched his car and we found your purse. I’m not sure exactly what was in there originally, but your identification and all of your credit cards that you reported as stolen were there, as were your keys and your phone. We need to keep it as evidence, but we’ll let you know as soon as you can collect it.
Danielle: Thank you so much. One question. Was there a Skybar in my purse by any chance?
Officer: Not that I am aware of, no.
Danielle: That snake!
Tammi: Danielle, you got your purse and probably everything in it back. Do you know how rare that is?
Danielle: I know, but I really wanted that candy bar!
Tammi: I’ll take you to the mall to get a new one.
Danielle: No! I’m never going back to that place!
Tammi: Alright, you can have mine. I didn’t eat it yet.
Danielle: Thank you! Now let's go home!
Tammi: Sounds like a plan.

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