Me, Myself & I Series Finale Review

I haven't reviewed any of Me, Myself & I's July burnoff episodes, but I have decided to review it one last time for its series finale. Throughout its short life of just 13 episodes, MM&I has been thoroughly entertaining, and it was one of my favorite broadcast shows of the past TV season. I'm upset that we didn't get more time with it, but I'm grateful for what we did get. I'm really going to miss it, but at least there's one more episode left. Without further ado, my review of the series finale of Me, Myself & I.

In 1991, Alex tries to ask Nori out to the winter formal, but he's beat to the punch. Alex's lab partner Julia desperately wants Alex to ask her to the dance, but Alex doesn't get the hint. This gives Justin a plan to make Nori jealous, and Alex asks Julia out. At the winter formal, Alex and Julia dance with each other and seemingly have a fun time. Justin talks to Alex about the plan, and another boy that likes Julia overhears him. He tells Julia, and she tells him off. Nori gives him a pep talk the next day, and he decides to go after Julia one last time. He gives her the winter experience she's missed since she moves to California.

In 2017, Sarah shows up for Abby's birthday, much to the displeasure of everybody. Then, the magician calls to cancel, so Ron is left to entertain the kids. Fortunately, Alex steps in quickly, before Ron can put the kids to sleep with his stories. Unfortunately, Alex does not know magic. Later, Sarah tells Alex that she wants to get back together, which almost gives Maggie a heart attack. He talks to Darryl about this, but Darryl is very disappointed in Alex when he tells him that he agreed to go out for dinner with her. He doesn't want to get back together, but he wants to improve their relationship for Abby's sake. At the dinner, Alex unexpectedly has a good time and he and Sarah kiss. The next day, Sarah's ex Jeremy shows up and professes his love for her. As Sarah tells Jeremy why their relationship won't ever work, Alex tells Sarah the same thing about their relationship. Later on, Alex finally moves out of Darryl's and into his own place.

In 2042, Kelly tells Alex that they're going on a double date with Eleanor and Richard. The dinner turns super awkward when Richard announces that they're moving to Montana. After dinner, Kelly yells at Alex for being in love with Eleanor, he admits it, and they break up. Abby tells Alex to tell Eleanor how he feels one last time. He goes to the diner and tells her that he wants her to be happy, and tells her to do whatever it is that makes her happy. He also tells her that this will be the last time they see each other. After Eleanor walks out of the diner, she realizes her feelings for Alex and she runs back inside, where they kiss.

Me, Myself & I certainly closed out on a high note. I would go as far as to say that this was the show's best episode yet, serving as a great series ender. Everything was done very well, with some hilarious moments as well as some deeply touching ones. My personal favorite story this week was 2042, because it was what the show has been leading up to the whole time. Alex and Eleanor finally getting together was a spectacular (though not unexpected) way to end the show. While I would have loved to see the continued adventures of Alex Riley, I'm honestly okay with saying goodbye here. Farewell Alex, Eleanor, Darryl, Ron, Justin, and the entire MM&I cast. I will most certainly miss you.

Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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