Predicting The Ad Rates: CBS

Here are my predictions for the CBS ad rates, as reported by Variety. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

60 Minutes
I don’t have much of a reason to believe 60 Minutes won’t perform similarly this season given it has the same time slot and lead-in as it has had for many years. With that, I see its value rising slightly.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $114,869
2018-19 Prediction: $117,002

God Friended Me
CBS certainly wants God Friended Me to work, but if it doesn’t, they have other options. I’m guessing a decent ad rate is in store for it due to the football halo, but how high it’s valued likely depends on if they plan on it airing through Daylight Savings Time or finishing alongside football. I’ll predict that the rate is a little below that of previous time slot occupant Wisdom Of The Crowd to be safe and make make goods less likely or severe. 

2018-19 Prediction: $88,277

NCIS’s first spin-off isn’t setting the ratings world on fire now that it’s out of the 8pm time slot, but it’s still arguably CBS’s strongest Sunday show. I’m guessing it won’t be valued as much as God Friended Me for that reason, but should still keep a solid rate.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $87,693
2018-19 Prediction: $85,628

Madam Secretary
A nice syndication deal is keeping Madam Secretary alive in this low-priority time slot. This show is not around because of ad revenue.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $70,185
2018-19 Prediction: $62,927

The Neighborhood
This will probably be the higher-rated of CBS’s new Monday comedies, and the network is hoping Cedric the Entertainer can bring in some viewers. With full seasons of Man With A Plan and Life In Pieces on the bench, as well as a new midseason comedy, it will have to do a lot to keep its time slot leading off a revamped Monday night.

2018-19 Prediction: $82,749

Happy Together
CBS has been slammed by critics for a lack of diversity, leading to their Monday 8pm hour comedy block. As with The Neighborhood, it has work cut out for it with other shows waiting for a time slot. I can see this gone relatively quickly.

2018-19 Prediction: $75,018

Magnum, P.I.
A new take on the classic series will air at 9pm on CBS’s revamped Monday night, and is asked to air after a comedy block. With the established name, CBS is likely hoping they can get advertisers to pay a little more than if it was purely new.

2018-19 Prediction: $101,729

Finishing off CBS’s new Monday night is Bull, which will leave its prime slot after NCIS. Naturally, I see the ad rate going down a bit as it moves to this tougher time slot.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $115,502
2018-19 Prediction: $99,381

NCIS has been declining in the ratings a bit lately, though some of it could have done with the Roseanne competition. Now that there’s no Roseanne, CBS can likely get away with keeping a more stable rate.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $136,447
2018-19 Prediction: $130,371

Dick Wolf’s new drama has been placed after NCIS, a vote of confidence from CBS. His Chicago series have grown into solid players for NBC, and Law & Order: SVU continues to chug along. However, his last two efforts—Chicago Justice and Law & Order: True Crime—have been unsuccessful. CBS will likely use his name in their favor and get away with charging a good sum.

2018-19 Prediction: $119,273

NCIS: NO has provided decent, not great, ratings for CBS recently. I see its ad rate continue to drop a decent amount from its lead-in.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $88,955
2018-19 Ad Rate: $86,183

While not the monster hit it was in its first couple seasons, Survivor has quietly worked its way up to ratings on par with The Voice and American Idol. Its ratings should not be taken lightly.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $132,532
2018-19 Prediction: $141,027

CBS’s renewal of SEAL Team and act of keeping it in the same time slot shows they wanted to put focus more on rebuilding Monday nights. It’s marginally rated and I don’t think it will be valued as much as the first season was.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $119,026
2018-19 Prediction: $101,831

Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds’ ad rate has always been a bit below where shows with similar ratings would be due to its content matter. That said, I can see a small spike this season due to it presumably being its final season and advertised as such.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $96,399
2018-19 Prediction: $98,638

The Big Bang Theory
Being an outside production, CBS really needs to rely on ad revenue to keep this monster hit profitable. Given its recent strength, I think they’ll get away with increasing its value.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $255,419
2018-19 Prediction: $271,931

Young Sheldon
Expectations for Young Sheldon were high as it was, and I think they will value it even more this season. Its reruns do around the same as that of The Big Bang Theory, and on many weeks originals are not much lower-rated. If treated properly, this could become a long-term success for CBS.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $171,998
2018-19 Prediction: $249,471

CBS appears to have been satisfied with Mom’s performance this season given they are keeping it in the same time slot, instead of moving it for one of their three new comedies on the fall schedule. If they don’t hike up its rate, I don’t know why this decision was made.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $123,344
2018-19 Prediction: $152,840

Murphy Brown
CBS doesn’t appear to have a ton of confidence in Murphy Brown given the time slot. It should get a decent rate given that of its lead-in, but I see it as the least-valued Thursday night comedy.

2018-19 Prediction: $137,820

S.W.A.T. premiered pretty low but found a stable audience relatively quickly. It’s a solid 10pm option for CBS, nothing more and nothing less.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $109,273
2018-19 Prediction: $111,833

MacGyver slipped a bit in its 2nd season, providing decent-ish ratings for Friday that probably could be improved upon. I see it as being their least-valued Friday night show again, but not much lower than it was.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $70,639
2018-19 Prediction: $69,037

Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0 has lasted a long time on Fridays and has made the time slot one that the network doesn’t really need to worry about. They know more or less what they’re getting out of it.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $71,678
2018-19 Prediction: $71,927

Blue Bloods
While it has slipped a little bit, Blue Bloods continues to provide solid ratings in the Friday at 10pm time slot with little promotion. However, I don’t see it being valued any more than the other Friday shows anymore.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $79,118
2018-19 Prediction: $71,394

Man With A Plan
Man With A Plan is turning into CBS’s new Rules of Engagement in that it provides stable, but not high, ratings, and is kept off the fall schedule despite a high episode order. It survived the Monday night bloodbath that took Kevin Can Wait, Superior Donuts, 9JKL, Living Biblically, and Scorpion, meaning the ad rate it had last season made it profitable enough. I’m guessing CBS will keep it pretty stable this season.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $92,227
2018-19 Prediction: $93,283

Instinct is either very cheap to produce or CBS regrets renewing it. I’m guessing they’ll throw it in the late spring/summer and cut their losses.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $110,053
2018-19 Prediction: $55,820

The Amazing Race
Erratic scheduling ruined the momentum a bit, but The Amazing Race’s premiere rating was in my opinion one of the greatest ratings stories of the season. If placed properly, CBS can probably get a decent amount out of this show’s reinvigorated success.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $98,045
2018-19 Prediction: $112,832

Like Madam Secretary, this show is not around because of ad revenue. Still, they were able to charge a decent amount for this season and given the ratings for the season before, it’s not doing *that* bad.

2017-18 Ad Rate: $90,805
2018-19 Prediction: $78,198

The Code
While it’s unknown when and where it will air, The Code seems on brand for a CBS drama. It can probably pull in a solid ad rate for a midseason show.

2018-19 Prediction: $85,183

With Man With A Plan and Life In Pieces on the bench, Fam is very likely not CBS’s top priority when it comes to midseason comedies. It’s tough to say whether they give it a fair chance or not given the scheduling of many past midseason comedies. 

2018-19 Prediction: $91,371

The Red Line
This show doesn’t seem as on brand for CBS as the new fall dramas or The Code, but it comes from Greg Berlanti, which has developed many successful shows. Given it’s a co-production with Warner Brothers, CBS needs to rely on the ad revenue to keep this show alive and as such will possibly charge a bit more than they think it’s actually worth.

2018-19 Prediction: $97,283

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