Top 3 Songs From The Middle

In honor of The Middle's upcoming 9th and final season, here are the top three songs from the show so far, as ranked by me.

Honorable Mention: Magical Trashcan Kiss by Axl and the Axe Men
Sue's girlfriend and Axl's mutual friend, Darrin, was also a member in Axl's "band". He wrote this song about his kiss with Sue by a trashcan. The song was so bad that it got hilariously negative reactions by those listening, except Sue of course.

Episode: Season 4, Episode 16, "Winners and Losers"
Rating: 2.3 A18-49, 8.27 million viewers, 109% of the league average

#3: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
The song from the episode that started it all. This is arguably the song that fits the tone of the show more than any other. It was played at the end of the pilot episode and did a nice job complementing the tone of the overall pilot. If The Middle had an opening theme song, it would almost certainly be this one.

Episode: Season 1, Episode 1, "Pilot"
Rating: 2.6 A18-49, 8.71 million viewers, 93% of the league average

#2: More Than A Feeling by Boston
Mike Heck isn't exactly known to be the most talkative or expressive person. He showed a completely different side of him, though, when he was in a car by himself singing along to More Than A Feeling by Boston. The rest of the Hecks are awkwardly sitting in the car next to him at a stoplight. After denying multiple times that it was him singing in the car, eventually he admits that Sue's college process has been stressing him out. The episode ends with a reprise of the song with Frankie singing along with him.

Episode: Season 6, Episode 17, "The Waiting Game"
Rating: 1.9 A18-49, 7.34 million viewers, 113% of the league average

#1: Beautiful World by The Chevin
One of the best things about The Middle is its continuity. When Sue and Darrin begin their public romance at a prom, Beautiful World by The Chevin plays. While the relationship is more successful than any of her past ones, in a future episode Darrin prematurely asks her to marry him, leading to a bittersweet breakup and another playing of this song. It's a song that the vast majority of viewers likely would have never heard had it not been played in the episodes, yet one that is very fitting for two of the most memorable moments of the entire series. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up again in the final season. It was the first song I thought of when I heard the news that it's ending.

Episode #1: Season 5, Episode 17, "The Walk"
Rating: 1.9 A18-49, 7.28 million viewers, 101% of the league average

Episode #2: Season 6, Episode 14, "The Answer"
Rating: 2.2 A18-49, 7.70 million viewers, 131% of the league average

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