CBS Renew/Cancel Week 19: CSI: Vegas Is Running Out Of Time To Show Signs Of Ratings Growth


Below is the table for Week 19 of CBS Renew/Cancel as well as analysis for CSI: Vegas. First, here is the prediction change from Week 18:

-CSI: Vegas moves from Tilts Cancel to Leans Cancel

CSI: Vegas

Last week, CSI: Vegas jumped from Likely Cancel to Tilts Cancel in the wake of a potential writers strike and CBS’s relative lack of pilot orders. However, CSI: Vegas is by far CBS’s lowest-rated scripted show. Sure, it gets a tough deal airing after So Help Me Todd, but to be fair to So Help Me Todd, it is showing significant signs of growth. Todd’s 0.44 out of Ghosts’s 0.63 is nothing to brag about, but it’s the third series high in a row. While Young Sheldon rose by 0.06 in the A18-49 Live + Same Day demographic on Thursday from its prior airing, Ghosts rose by 0.01, and So Help Me Todd rose by 0.02, CSI: Vegas dropped by 0.03. A 0.35 A18-49 Live + Same Day rating out of a 0.44 is weak any way you spin it. Also, CSI: Vegas is still three seasons away from a potential syndication deal, given the first season was a short season. 

At this point, CBS determined to get this show a syndication deal would be just about the only thing that could save it. It’s a very real possibility, but being the lowest-rated show on the network, it would probably take away a renewal from a show that deserves it more and provides CBS with even more value. Perhaps they try to give it a second life as a Paramount+ original the way they did SEAL Team, but first they would need to determine if CSI: Vegas has its own fanbase that would convert into new subscribers. 

With CSI: Vegas showing no indication that its ratings will grow to something competitive with the network’s other series, it moves from Tilts Cancel to Leans Cancel this week. 

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