Our House Season 5 Episode 15 - Our Cruise

Our House Season 5, Episode 15

Our Cruise

The family is in the driveway, loading suitcases into the car.

Cindy: Mom, there are six of us going on a six-day cruise. Is all of this really needed?

Betty: It’s seven days, six nights.

Cindy: I don’t think that changes much, does it?

Teri: I hate to ever shy away from giving mom crap, but this was a group effort. It’s not all hers.

Betty: Thank you! I think.

Mitchell: I can’t believe you’re going on a cruise without me, honey.

Velma: I worked hard for this, I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor. You are allergic to labor.

Tammi: I can’t believe I don’t get to go on this cruise, all because I was too starstruck to think straight on that darn show.

Jerry: Think of it on the plus side, though. Your dear old dad gets a much-needed vacation now, courtesy of you.

Tammi: I’m happy for you, but I’d be getting that quick seven day, six night trip through Cape Cod if I didn’t make a fool out of myself.

Velma: Yeah, I have to be honest, when they said the prize was a cruise, I was expecting an ocean cruise to, say, the Caribbean. Not a breeze through Cape Cod in February.

Teri: Come on, it’s a high of twenty-seven there today. What more could you ask for?

Velma: For me to be able to go on the top deck with a drink and not worry about it freezing, that’d be nice.

Teri: Trust me, the types of drinks we’ll be drinking won’t freeze.

Karl: I don’t think the drinks are included with admission.

Teri: Okay, taking a mental note that the alcohol intake will be severely reduced.

Betty: I will admit that this would not be my ideal pick for a February vacation, but we’re going to have fun either way. And I brought three suitcases full of blankets to make sure of it.

Karl: Yeah, we’re not taking all of those.

Betty: Why not?

Karl: You know how much it costs for each additional suitcase?

Betty: The airline lets you bring three complimentary bags if you’re in the military. Jerry, that’s you!

Jerry: We’ll buy blankets in Taxachusetts. Leave those here to make the trip there easier.

Betty: Anyone have something else to complain about before we go?

Ralph: No, I think we’re good. You guys have fun on your tin can of death!

Velma: I can’t wait to get to the airport and take my calming pill. I get anxiety any time heights are involved.

Frank: Can you ge-

Betty: Okay, time to go!

Later that day…

Betty: Does anyone have our boarding passes? I don’t know where they are.

Teri: They’re on our phone.

Betty: Why are they on there?

Teri: That’s how it is now, it’s a new, modern world.

Velma: Did you not check for the passes before we left the house? I’m surprised you didn’t know this already.

Betty: I was too busy being annoyed by Frank.

Teri: Thank God you have me here to help you. I’ve got them right here.

Cindy: Those are your tickets to 80 for Brady at AMC Theaters.

Velma: Oh my god, was that a great movie or what?

Teri: It did have all of my favorite elderly women in it.

Velma: The only part I didn’t like was Tom Brady. Not a fan.

Teri: Speaking of movies, I think it was a mistake to see Triangle of Sadness before I went on this trip.

Cindy: Teri, we’re next in line to get on the boat. Get serious.

Jerry: I’m having second thoughts, is that bad?

Betty: You’re getting on the boat, Jerry.

Teri: Okay, here are our boarding passes. Does everyone have their ID?

Jerry: They can’t make me show ID.

Teri: Huh?

Jerry: What are they going to do? Throw a distinguished military veteran off the boat?

Cindy: Ignore him, he took a few of Velma’s pills.

Velma: He took eight.

Teri: I can’t be on a boat with these people for a week.

Karl: It’s a big boat.

Teri: It’s eight degrees outside, we’re going to be trapped inside the whole week with each other.

Karl: The same thing would be happening at home, at least here you get a view of the ocean.

Teri: I’m afraid of the ocean.

Karl: You might see a whale!

Teri: I do love a good whale.

One hour later…

Cindy: This boat is a lot bigger than I expected it to be, considering it only travels from Boston to Cape Cod and back.

Teri: You really think the good folks at the Virginia Family Challenge would give us a cruise on a little dinghy? Only the best for that show and its huge production budget!

Karl: I was thinking it was going to be like the three-hour tour on Gilligan’s Island.

Teri: Hey, there’s plenty of time for us to get shipwrecked on Martha’s Vineyard.

Velma: I wouldn't mind that.

Cindy: Yeah, they have wine there.

Teri: It’s just a name, they aren’t known for their wine. Believe me, I checked.

Velma: Has anyone checked their sleeping arrangements yet? I have two suitcases that I would love to dispense somewhere.

Teri: Why didn’t you check that in earlier? They would have taken that for you.

Velma: You know, I didn’t hear them, and I don’t want too be ridiculed for that.

Teri: When have I ever ridiculed anyone?

Jerry: I’d also like to see our room. I need a nap before we arrive at our first destination.

Teri: Did you not check the itinerary? We’re not going anywhere for the rest of today, they’re spending the day traveling to our first stop. We do have a trip safety and information seminar to go to today, though.

Jerry: They need all that time for traveling? I can drive my car to Cape Cod faster than that - from Virginia!

Velma: Well, you go tell them in the engine room that you’re in the military and you know how ships work, they’ll speed up to get you to Gayville faster.

Betty: It’s called Provincetown, and it’s beautiful.

Teri: They’re gonna be the first Republicans to ever set foot there.

Cindy: It’s seventeen degrees out, will we be setting foot anywhere?

Jerry: You ever wonder why the ocean doesn’t freeze? It should just be one big ice rink, right?

Cindy: Okay, we’re gonna get you to bed for a while.

Velma: Would be nice if we could find our rooms first.

Karl: The woman who took our tickets said we’re on the third deck. What deck are we on now?

Teri: Were you expecting us to know? We barely even know we’re on a boat right now.

Karl: All these rooms start with two, I’m assuming we’re on the second deck. Let’s go down one flight of stairs and look for our room numbers.

Thirty minutes later…

Betty: Where in the hell are our rooms?

Teri: This is why I don’t like cruises, boats are not made to have multiple decks. This is too complex. One deck, that’s it, that’s how it always was growing up.

Cindy: You think everyone should travel on mom and dad’s little pontoon?

Teri: I think it would be less confusing.

Velma: How is this confusing?

Teri: We’ve been looking for our rooms for an hour!

Velma: It probably isn’t really that confusing to people who aren’t mind-mumblingly stupid.

Teri: That ain’t us.

Karl: You know what? I think the top deck doesn’t count in their numbering system, only the decks with rooms on them. We’re on the wrong deck.

Velma: That would explain why our key card didn’t work for what we thought was our room. 

Teri: Or why a woman yelled at mom for trying to open the door of the room she thought was hers.

Betty: That woman had crazy eyes.

Cindy: That woman thought you were trying to break into her room.

Betty: I thought it was mine!

Teri: Oh, look! Someone who works on this ship. Maybe they can tell us where we’re supposed to find our room.

Karl: Ma’am! Can you tell us where our rooms are? We’re in rooms B108, B110 and B112.

Ship worker: That’s on the deck above us. We updated the rooms online to use a lettering system instead of a numbering system, but we didn’t get around to updating the doors quite yet. So your rooms will say 2108, 2110 and 2112.

Betty: Oh. That’s confusing.

Ship worker: It is, sorry about that.

Karl: We appreciate the help, and no need to be sorry. You didn’t make the decision.

Teri: Oh my god, we were on the right floor to begin with. What a waste of time.

Velma: My arms are killing me.

Teri: Gimme the damn suitcase if you’re going to complain.

Velma: That would be a real help, thanks. I can’t carry those up the stairs.

Teri: They should have an elevator on here, what kind of a ship is this?

Cindy: About five minutes ago, you were saying it shouldn’t have more than one deck. Now it should have an elevator?

Teri: If they insist on having so many decks, then they should have an elevator.

Karl: All right, enough bickering. Let’s find our room.

The next night…

Velma: This is not quite how I expected my first cruise to go. I imagined a tropical view while I lounge in a pool. I wore three sweaters today during the five hours we were allowed off the boat, then I bought a slice of pizza that immediately turned into a block of ice because it is February. Then Betty made me climb a tower for some reason and I there up ten minutes into it and had to sit in the cold for an hour waiting for all of you to get done.

Jerry: It was a beautiful view, you missed out.

Teri: I’m impressed you tried to go up at all.

Velma: Now we’re inside at a restaurant eating clam chowder while watching the real life version of RuPaul’s Drag Race on the stage in front of us.

Teri: Werk, queen!

Cindy: You might not be able to tell, but Teri is a RuPaul fan.

Velma: I could tell.

Betty: I think today was fun. I was freezing, but that’s something we just have to deal with.

Cindy: I agree with Velma, I think it was a mistake to choose this cruise over the Mississippi River cruise.

Betty: This cruise is longer, plus we’re going to New Orleans as a family in a few months anyway.

Velma: Is longer really better in this case? I’m freezing my melons off!

Teri: Freezing your melons off?

Velma: My boobs.

Teri: Well, I think they’d be warmer if you kept them away. They’re not going to do you much good here, anyway.

Velma: It’s an expression!

Teri: Is It?

Karl: I’m losing braincells on this trip.

Betty: Don’t you get negative now, too! You’re having fun, don’t let them ruin this for you!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen -

Teri: God, now to top it all off, the ship’s gonna sink.

Announcer: if you look to the starboard side, you can see a whale breaching right beside us.

Betty: You can’t see that on the Mississippi River, can you?

Velma: I can’t see it now, not with all the people gawking in front of the window.

Betty: I’m going to the top deck, I bet you can see it really well up there.

Teri: Are you insane?

Betty: I paid goo-

Teri: You paid nothing for this trip.

Betty: I’m going to enjoy every second I can of this trip, whether you all want to join me in that or not.

Teri: And going on the top deck of a ship, exposed to the elements, is going to help you enjoy it?

Betty: No, but seeing a whale gracefully swim past us, up close in person, will.

Teri: You think seventy degrees is cold, you’re going to freeze up there. You don’t have a jacket on.

Betty: You only live once!

Teri: Just try not to cut it short by slipping on some ice up there.

Two nights later…

Betty: I can't believe none of you came to the dance last night.

Jerry: We were too buys getting ready for this thrilling night of bingo.

Cindy: That, and we already did the dance for you at home a few weeks ago when the oldies dance went terribly. That was enough dancing for us, we’re not Len Goodman.

Betty: I hope you are not all implying that you’ve not enjoyed this trip at all. We’ve gotten to do so much in the past few days!

Cindy: Today’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard was very ice. I appreciated that the temperature crept all the way up to forty degrees. Also, the lobster chowder was to die for. Even when I had to quickly slurp it down because the tour guide almost left without me.

Betty: He started the bus back up, he was ready to leave, but I screamed “I am not leaving without my daughter!” and he turned back. In his defense, he really did not know you were there.

Cindy: It was a nice day otherwise. I met Carly Simon, that was cool.

Jerry: I don’t fully understand why our driver drove us to her house, but who am I to complain?

Velma: You’re all talking over bingo, there is twenty dollars at stake here! I can’t miss anything!

Teri: You are the most frugal person I have ever met.

Velma: I like having financial security, is there a problem with that?

Teri: No, you have fun and play your bingo with the grannies.

Jerry: This boat is growing on me a little. The bartenders can make one hell of a cocktail, let me tell you.

Karl: How have you been feeling with your MS? It’s been a lot of walking with very little rest.

Jerry: I’m feeling okay. Moving around is supposed to help with it, it’s the cold that gets me.

Karl: Yeah, coming here in February wasn’t the smartest decision with you in your condition. It’s good you’re enjoying it, anyway.

Betty: I told you all that. you would enjoy this. It’s not how most people envision visiting Cape Cod or going on a cruise, but it’s unique, and that’s fitting for us.

Teri: We are certainly unique, yes. Rarely in a good way.

Velma: Bingo!

Teri: I know it’s true, that’s why I said it.

Velma: I won bingo! Show me the money!

Cindy: Well, that’s Velma’s vacation made.

Two days later…

Betty: I can’t believe this was our last day before we head home. Hyannis was so lovely.

Teri: Not for us! You kept posing in your flowery jacket and saying “I’m Jackie Kennedy!” It was embarrassing.

Betty: Look, that’s where the Kennedys vacationed. I felt their spirit.

Cindy: Sadly, it was too cold for me to feel anything.

Teri: It was almost fifty, diont’ be a snowflake.

Cindy: I know, I just feel like pushing her buttons. It’s the last day we can give her hell about it.

Betty: Not true! This is only our last day in Cape Cod, we have a stop in Plymouth tomorrow.

Jerry: What do they have there? A rock?

Betty: That is the main attraction, yes.

Jerry: Gonna be a great day, I think.

Karl: I know you all like to give her crap, but you have to admit it, your mother was right about this being fun. We enjoyed ourselves, even in the cold.

Velma: I won bingo!

Teri: I both can and can not believe that that’s what you took away from this trip.

Velma: What else was I supposed to take from it? That time Betty made us stand and look at seals for two hours? Or the time I almost died of heat stroke inside that lighthouse?

Betty: If it’s not too cold, it’s too hot. Make up your minds!

Karl: In fairness, Velma, they did warn you that three jackets may be overkill up there.

Velma: It still wasn’t my fault! Don’t blame the victim!

Jerry: There once was a man from Nantucket, and we got to go see his old stomping grounds. That was fun!

Teri: It was very small. I didn’t expect that.

Velma: Thank god it was small, Cindy still almost got us lost. The boat nearly left without us.

Teri: That was a theme, wasn’t it?

Cindy: You know what? I’m tired of hearing the whining, and you’re all hogging the entrance to the ship. So shut it and shuffle back onto that damn boat.

Teri: I’m shocked I’m saying this, but I think I’m really going to miss this.

Betty: It’s a good thing I made us go on Virginia Family Challenge then! You’re welcome!

Teri: No, that was terrible and I hated it and this doesn’t make up for it. But nice try.

Karl: Well, those are certainly heartwarming words for us to think back on when we remember this vacation.

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