Young Sheldon Season 2 Premiere Review

Young Sheldon had a great first season last year, filled with many memorable moments and hilarious episodes. It's now back for its second season, and I hope it'll be just as good this time around. I reviewed the pilot episode last year as a special one-time thing, but now I'll be reviewing it for good, as the show has really become a favorite in my house.

Sheldon hears a horrible noise that nobody else can hear, which is preventing him from eating. George decides it's the fridge, but he won't do anything about it because it really doesn't matter. The sound only bugs Sheldon, and what *doesn't* bug Sheldon. Unfortunately, this also keeps him awake at night, and he's bugging Missy too. So he does the only logical thing: he goes to Meemaw's to sleep. Meemaw... does not love this. Sheldon later decides to take apart the entire fridge in order to figure out what's causing the annoying noise. As expected, this goes horribly and Mary freaks out. But at least Sheldon figures out the cause of the noise. So... that's a win, right? It'll take $200 to repait the fridge, and things get worse when Mary reveals that she donated the old fridge that they had in the garage. So George goes to yell at Sheldon, who now has to pay back all the money, no matter how long it takes. This causes Sheldon to burst into tears, and Missy shockingly shows him kindness.

Sheldon gets a job as a paperboy to repay his debt, which causes mixed reactions among his parents. Mary eventually agrees as long as Georgie teaches Sheldon how to do this. The next morning, Sheldon is excited to start his new job. Georgie's not as enthusiastic. He just wants to sleep, so he lets Sheldon fold the papers on his own while he naps. Sheldon does it, slowly, taking 17 minutes to complete even one. Meanwhile, Mary is worried about Sheldon and watches over him, even though George tells her it's all gonna be okay. A while later, Sheldon heads out to deliver the perfectly-folded papers, with Mary following closely behind. He takes a long time to deliver the papers, and the rest of his week is even worse.

Sheldon starts collecting for the week's paper delivery, and he's disappointed by his first tip. He grows to hate his job, and Missy hates it almost as much. He gets to school late that day, and he takes it out on everyone around him. He even takes it out on his family at dinner, leading to a conversation with George about how awful his job is. George decides not to punish him, but he tells him about his day and asks Sheldon to apologize to the family, which Sheldon gladly does.


This was a great start to the second season, and the show is just as good as I remember it. Iain Armitage really carried this episode, and it's one of the funniest episodes of TV that I've seen in quite some time. Sheldon anxiously starting his job as a paperboy was hilarious, and him braving the rain to deliver papers was even better. If this is an indication how season two will be, I'm very excited.

Of course, while Armitage was the episode's highlight, the rest of the cast was still fantastic. Every character had some moment to shine, but the most notable to me has to be Missy, who actually was nice to Sheldon for once when he was sad. We're used to seeing her as the jokester in the family, so seeing her give Sheldon a much-needed hug was something truly moving.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

What did you think of the Young Sheldon premiere? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!

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