The Good Place Season 3 Premiere Review

Two years ago, The Good Place premiered with the premise that Eleanor was in the good place, but was not supposed to be there. The show has gone a long ways from there, with many reveals, obstacles, and changes. Season 3 begins by giving us Michael's perspective on what happened in the previous season finale.

S3E1-2 "Everything is Bonzer!"

The premiere begins with Michael going to Earth to save Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason. The opening scene is a hilarious one, where Michael talks to the doorman for the door to Earth. Michael's enthusiasm about Earth is very entertaining, as Ted Danson is absolutely wonderful. After this, he intervenes in the lives of the humans to get them connected. His Australian accent isn't that great, and Janet gets a funny moment reacting to that. Later in the episode, he visits Tahani and Jason, playing entertaining eccentric characters. The wonderful Maya Rudolph makes an appearance as the judge near the end of the episode. She almost catches Michael for the tampering, but doesn't. She is hilariously too focused on her crush on Mark Harmon from watching 300 episodes of NCIS.

Following his near-death experience, Chidi decides to work on his indecision. This doesn't last forever, but it does lead him to psychology Simone, an entertaining character who he ends up connecting with. The most entertaining moment here is when Eleanor gets involved and begins asking questions to get Chidi and Simone together. The wonderful entertainment of that scene continues when Eleanor finds out that Chidi didn't kiss Simone on their date, which he regrets, so they go to her office to make it happen.

After Chidi decides to do his thesis on people with near-death experiences, we get to see what happened with Tahani and Jason since their near-death experiences. The most entertaining moment here is definitely when Michael visits Jason. Sometimes the dumb Jason jokes get a little old, but here they were great. I wish we had gotten a little more of these two characters, but there was a lot of story to tell in this hour.

In a part of the episode that I really didn't expect, the show's wonderful villain of Shawn has a team attempting to hack into the judge's system to find out what's going on with our humans. I find it odd that he would attempt to undermine the judge, but these are demons here. This leads to the episode's big twist ending, a complication to Michael's plan. Adam Scott returns to the show as demon Trevor, and in the final moments of the show he joins the group in the study.

While I wish that we had gotten more of Tahani and Jason, and how the episode would go was for the most part obvious from early on, everything else about this premiere was great. The season is heading in an exciting direction, and in this hour, the comedy in the show was just as good as ever. Once again, The Good Place really delivered in a premiere.

Score: 9.5/10 (part 1)
Score: 10/10 (part 2)

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