American Housewife Season 3 Premiere Review

American Housewife, one of my favorite comedies on TV right now, is finally back for its third season, once again in a new timeslot. I've missed it a lot throughout the Summer, so it's nice for the Ottos to be back again with what hopefully will be a hilarious episode.

It's the first day of Katie's new job! She's pretty worried about messing up, which makes her crankier than usual. Of course, the kids are also cranky, because that's just their thing. At her work, Katie is given her first assignment: throwing a party for Nancy Granville. Katie's not pleased, but she has to go along with it. At school, Oliver tries to help Taylor find a club to join, which proves less difficult than one would expect. She settles on drama club. Katie is meeting with Nancy to get ideas for the party. It turns our that the party is actually for her kid, but Nancy chooses the theme that she wants. Unfortunately for Katie, the Nancy meeting takes longer than expected. She gets home just moments after Anna-Kat falls asleep, and she's devastated to learn that Anna-Kat didn't even ask about her before bed.

Katie is talking to Nancy's daughter about the party, and she's really not thrilled about it because it's wht Nancy wants and not her. Katie tries to convince them to change the theme, but Nancy isn't enthused. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to cheer Taylor up after her disastrous musical audition, and they actually have a sweet moment. Well, as sweet as any moment with them could be. Katie returns home late again, and she finds a disaster. All of their tupperware is dirty, because Greg and Anna-Kat used it to make slime.

The slime actually gives Katie an idea, using it to make the party a magical experience. Nancy hates everything about it, but her daughter loves it. Nancy is selfish though, so she doesn't care about her daughter being happy and she threatens to call Katie's boss. Elsewhere, Taylor auditions and does well, though she doesn't get a great part because she gets every lyric wrong. Katie gets a call from her boss, and it's not what Katie expected. She'll be working more now, because the other parents at the party loved it. Katie feels guilty about this, but they family encourages her to go for it.

I loved this episode, just like most episodes of this show. I love that they shook things up a bit by sending Katie to work, and I'm excited to see where this goes. If it's anything like tonight, I will be quite happy. Katie's storyline was by far the highlight of the episode, because this was such a different experience for her. It was interesting to see her outside of the "mom" role and in the workforce, with Greg instead being the home parent for much of this episode. Anna-Kat was also hilarious this week, and she might be the thing I missed most about this show. Her Katie impression alone was enough to make me love this episode. Also, Oliver making Taylor feel better was adorable and I need to see more of them together. And as always, Greg is just the best for putting up with all that crazy. Kudos to him for being the glue that keeps these wackos together and almost sane. Almost.
Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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